Unusual Animals

Can you believe it’s June already? I can hardly believe it. I’m almost halfway through another year of weekly quilts. I had a tough time deciding on a theme, so I went with an odd one.
I’ve been researching unusual animals for possible theme inclusion, and when I happened upon the narwhal, I knew this was it for June. The hard part is that I will be away 2 weekends of June, so I had to thin of something simple.
This weekend really disappeared fast… I spent most of Saturday drawing and painting ATCs for my weekend retreat in 2 weeks. Sunday was supposed to be a Mustang only car show with my dad and brother (both own Mustang Cobra cars… one day…) but it was “rained out” and I spent the time washing and hand waxing my car (a Saturn) instead. It never really rained, and I have a nasty “cloudy day sunburn” to show for it. So…. back to my narwhal.
I drew exactly 3 of these before it was right, a drawing in my bedside drawing pad at night, then the ATC, and the mockup for the fusible for this piece. I do love him, he’s just so cute.
Narwhal’s tusks were hunted by Vikings and often sold a fake unicorn horns, worth about as much as a castle in Medieval times.

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More Zombie Awesome-ness

Last night I drew and inked these cute zombies, even took the time to watercolor one of them.

Can’t wait to work on this quilt!

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Sneak Peek: Adorable Zombies sketches

I hinted at these elsewhere, and folks seemed interested, so here are my sketches for an upcoming quilt series of adorable cute zombies. Click the picture for a better view…

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Happy Hina Matsuri Day!

In keeping with researching Japanese culture and themes, happy Hina Matsuri day, other wise known as Doll Festival or Girls’ Day!

I made this Hina quilt last year as part of my Japanese Doll theme. It’s still so Kawaii! Also, I purchased some Hina Matsuri display dolls from Jbox.com, which I am very happy about. Here is my little display!

I have this cute bowl of Konpeito to celebrate with, and DH and I are going out for Japanese cuisine tonight. We’re also going to try plum wine, and we may float a little origami doll out on the pond. We don’t have kids, but we can still send our misfortunes out on the water to be washed away with the doll instead of us.

I hope you have a happy Hina Matsuri day too!

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End of January

I’m sorry I didn’t get to posting this after they were made, but it’s been super crazy after going to NYC for the New York Comic Con. (Which was fun, if exhausting…It’s a sign I’m getting too old for this crap.)

January’s final weekly quilt is of “kadomatsu” or traditional New Year’s decorations which represent Heaven, Humanity, and Earth. They are placed at entryways and at gates in Japan, and are literally translated as “gate pines”. I have seen some “plush” versions of kadomatsu, but my little graphic one is cute too. They make fake plastic ones that you can put up year after year, like the holiday decorations of your choice. I wanted to make this closer to the beginning of January, but couldn’t figure out what to decorate the bamboo with.

I really enjoyed learning more about Japan for this month’s theme.

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