Quickie Update

I’m about to get on a plane to Las Vegas for work, but here’s some of my latest work.

This robot is either putting his heart back or taking it out. Your choice.
The last of the Robot theme. He’s kinda happy.

This is 12 x 12 inches. It’s made for my calendar entry for January for my Fiber Art Divas group. This looks exactly like the sketch and like what I pictured in my head.
Gotta run, but that contest I want to run is coming soon. Stay tuned!
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Even evil robots need love…

After seeing Wall-E, sad robots in love are quite popular. This is my take on a sad, slightly evil, cute robot with a broken heart. I love the blue circuitry fabric, of which I only have a small bit left.

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Destroy! Destroy!

Sitting in the bookstore, drinking a cup of coffee with my DH, I mentioned I did not know what I would do for August’s theme. It’s a 5 weekend month, meaning there will be 5 of this theme.

DH says “You should do Robots”.

Immediately, these robots come to mind. Cute but Evil Robots. My dad likes robots, we’re both fans of The Day The Earth Stood Still. We’re eagerly waiting for the remake.

I didn’t expect to be overflowing with so many cute robots for ideas! So Robots it is… For you Muppin!
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Last of the Japanese Dolls

There are a lot of Japanese dolls I could make, but this one lent itself to my very cute (kawaii) theme. This is a “teru teru bezu” doll. These are made from cloth and given a little drawn-on face and hung much like Halloween ghosts. They are supposed to ward off rain. My little teru teru bezu is soooo cute! He’s a bit dimensional, as his head is stuffed and raised up a bit. I had a great time making him on the plane to San Diego.

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July’s weekly theme is Japanese dolls

I love Japanese culture. I especially love the idea of Kawaii (Cute) and Zakka (Simple living). This week’s doll is a daruma doll. I first learned about these from a Nohohon Zoku special edition I have that was made as a gift for “good luck with studying for tests”. The idea of the daruma doll is that the doll comes with white eyes. You make a wish, and fill in the one eye. When your wish comes true, you fill in the other eye and hang proudly in your home. I made my wish and sewed in the one eye. If my wish comes true, I will fill in the other eye and post it finished here.

I like this kawaii version of the daruma so much that I might offer it as a pattern. What do you think?
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