Shrine to Nohohon Zoku

I love Nohohon Zoku (Hidamari No Tami) dolls from Japan. I collect them and put them in my office. I find most of them at the comic book shows my company sends me to. Gives me something to look for while I am there. I have about 10 of them now. This month’s journal shrine quilt is a funny little Nohohon Zoku. I outlined him in grey because I thought black would be too harsh for this little guy. I am particularly proud of the soft pallate and my satin stitching. Not a fan of the leaf quilting I attempted, but, what can one do? The below pic is just some of my Hidamari, including some other “solar” toys on my desk.

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Grow a Pear

This pear was entirely painted. I drew a funny pear with a face on it for a swap at my favorite ATC trading site a few weeks ago. I decided to do an all painted quilt for this week’s work.

ALA Judy Perez! The pear is tsukineko inks, and the background is Jaquard Lumiere paint. So cute!
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Baby Sock Flower Bouquet

I made this bouquet of “flowers” out of a pack of baby socks I got from Target. My cousin had a party for her daughter’s Christening and I thought this would make a cute gift in place of a quilt I am still working towards.

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Recycled Materials Month- Tenkei Marshmallows

I saved this bag after consuming the delicious chocolate-filled marshmallows inside for over a year. I love the little character on it. I also got sent a pack of candies and San-X tissues from the Japanese Etsy seller who my husband bought my Gocco machine from. So I wanted to make a mini quilt out of the candy wrappers and tissues for my first week on the “recycled materials” theme. I love Japanese “kawaii” or “super cute” stuff. This way I get to keep the little bag and tissue as artwork…

I have been on a “green” kick since before Earth Hour… I have switched a good number of incandescent bulbs to fluorescent ones. I’m buying less chemicals and cleaning with more natural solutions, and am trying to switch from paper towels to rags that we can rewash. I have a new high efficiency washer and dryer too. My heat is on 67 degrees and my air was barely below 80 degrees last summer. It’s a small start.
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