Happy Hina Matsuri Day!

In keeping with researching Japanese culture and themes, happy Hina Matsuri day, other wise known as Doll Festival or Girls’ Day!

I made this Hina quilt last year as part of my Japanese Doll theme. It’s still so Kawaii! Also, I purchased some Hina Matsuri display dolls from Jbox.com, which I am very happy about. Here is my little display!

I have this cute bowl of Konpeito to celebrate with, and DH and I are going out for Japanese cuisine tonight. We’re also going to try plum wine, and we may float a little origami doll out on the pond. We don’t have kids, but we can still send our misfortunes out on the water to be washed away with the doll instead of us.

I hope you have a happy Hina Matsuri day too!

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