Quilting Arts TV and Me!

The new set for season 13 Once again, I was was asked to be part of the next season of Quilting Arts TV!  I had some great projects that I worked on in secret between all of my work travel for the comic book industry.
Cheryl and Catherine RedfordThis time, my friend Catherine Redford was also taping and she and I were able to travel together and do our tapings on the same day!
Projects on trays in the green roomWe got there and set up each segment onto trays, and then it was the LONG wait until it was our turn to tape.
Cheryl and Pokey on setI did four segments for the new season.    I was really excited to show something really new and I hope I lived up to the challenge!  I also did another dimensional sewing segment, which I hope you will all enjoy too!
More pics from the set


We met bunches of people who were taping also, including Julia Wood, Michelle May, Susan Brubaker Knapp, and Max Hamrick.  Exciting secret projects!Just like that, it was all over, and we packed up to go home.  But there’s more exciting stuff around the corner!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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Chicago Quilt Festival Recap!

I had a fabulous time at the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont (outside of Chicago).  I had one heck of a packed schedule, and I got to meet so many new people and see lots of my good friends.
OpenStudiosHeirloom First off, I had great fun at the Open Studios.  This is where you get to stop by and see what quilt artists are up to and what they are making.  It started last year in Houston, and I loved it, so I was totally game for it again this year.  I showed off three different techniques: Cartooning for Quilters, Heirloom Sewing, and of course, Light Up Your Quilts!  I was asked so many times “Do you teach?”  The answer is YES, YES, YES!
SAMSUNG I also got an opportunity to teach Light Up Artist Trading Cards at Create on the Spot!  This is similar to the old “Make It University” (which is coming back to Houston this year– YAY!).
More Students Create 2 The students in my light up class had a great time, and I had lots of kids in my class!  Everyone’s project lit up!   I thought the class was a great value and I hope everyone liked their project.
Kid Students ATC Class Student ATCS There have been a few places I’ve popped up since, like over on Pokey’s Blog, and on Generation Q’s blog, which is also nice.
Schwerkraft It’s always great to have a quilt in the show, and my quilt “Schwerkraft (Gravity)” was part of the Naperville Modern Quilt Guild’s Log Cabin Modern Quilt Showcase.  It was great fun to see it hanging.
Modern Meet Up There was also a great Modern Meet Up that Catherine and I co-hosted with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, and we got to see our friends and have a few drinks to wind down the day.
Light Up OPen StudiosAgain I demoed the Conductive Thread and lights from Superior Threads, who were super great to work with!  They have the best threads.  In all, it was a great weekend.   I can’t wait until Houston!  I already have my flight and hotel!

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My Trip to Tape for Quilting Arts TV!

I went to tape for the new season of Quilting Arts TV last week on Good Friday.  It was a GREAT Friday, if you ask me! I taped four segments.  This was one of many projects that I have been secretly prepping for, as everything had to be made in triplicate.
I started off very early on Thursday, but it’s not the trip for the Mustang, which is still covered for the winter.

blogp2It’s 6 hours from Chicago to Cleveland, so I made a stop for provisions and carried on.  It went by so fast, I was pretty excited to get there.

Beachwood Studios is where the magic happened.

What a great staff they are, they made you feel comfortable and were super nice!

blogp7Here’s all my projects laid out.

A peek into the studio.  My friend, Lynn Krawczyk was taping that day!

blogp8In the green room, I got to try out the Bernina I would be using on set with the amazing Jeanne Cook Delpit.  She’s a fabulous teacher, and she showed me the ins and outs of that fab machine!

blogp5Here I am bright and early the day of taping.  Yes, that is a huge blemish that appeared on the end of my nose.  Typical, right?

blogp10What does it look like on the other side of the camera?  Here it is!

blogp11The project camera on the jib to get closeups of the work.

blogp9In the green room, the project is screened as it tapes and between takes it is stopped, and we always have funny looks on our faces.

blogp12Some of my weekly quilts making an appearance.
After the taping I got to meet the amazing Marlene Glickman, who I went to dinner with after our segments taped.
I can’t wait until they air, which will be some time in the fall.  I’m so grateful to have been asked to appear and hope you all enjoy when it comes out!

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A really nice review of the Technocraft show

The Newport Mercury magazine is a local Rhode Island weekly that recently covered the exhibit that my piece Dunkelheit is in.  I was thrilled to read this excerpt from the article:
The brilliance of Sleboda’s work was noticed most clearly by viewing the piece in a quiet gallery early. Triggered by sound, the piece lights up, blinking as it picks up on ambient room noise. Barely flickering at the beginning of the show, by the time the moths took flight, the piece was aglow with flickering lights, responding to the noise of the crowd.”

Wow!  Thank you so much to Suzi Ballenger who let me know about the article (and the exhibition in the first place!), and also to Jess Braley for such a glowing review of the exhibit and my work.  I really wish I could travel to see the show, it looks fabulous. 
The article is on page 9 of the 5/09/12 edition, in case it gets archived and you would like to read the whole thing.  

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Looking back to look forward

The channel guide for when my episode was on locally!

I can’t say that 2011 wasn’t good to me.  It was a fabulous year.  Some of my highlights were:
     -taping a segment for Series 800 of Quilting Arts TV!
     -Having my EL Wire article published in In Stitches digital magazine
     -Teaching at Houston in the Make It University area
     -Acceptance into my first IQA show and also two other exhibitions
     -having several of my meme quilts go viral

It’s been such a successful year that it makes you wonder how to keep the momentum going?  I have lots of ideas scrambling around in my head that I hope to make come to life.  It’s going to be a great year again, and I hope you’ll stay for the ride!  

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