Studio Makeover – Shelves!

I’m so pleased that this little project is done!  

I finally have a place for the knickknacks that cluttered up the top of my fabric organizer systems and gives me more room to put up mini quilts.  
I made these from 1×6 pine with a nice rope trim that I nailed on the edge and then painted with 4 coats of white paint.  It’s hung “invisibly” by brackets that go upwards, drilled directly into studs for stability. 

I have so many little tchotchkes  from my childhood in here, my “little girl” room.  I also got to put up a lot of the mail art that I have traded for over the years.

You can see the pink foam for my new design wall.  It’s almost done and just needs it’s felt covering.  That’s coming soon!  After that, the room just needs one more tidying and my (almost year long) makeover will be complete!

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Trading Gorgeous Artwork

I love to trade artwork online.  How funny that I can’t bring myself to sell work, but I will happily trade it away?

Last year one of my favorite websites held a meet up in Rochester NY, it was our second one, and I loved meeting the people I had traded artwork with online.  Even better was some of the work that I got in return, and I had to share this one with you that came in the mail.  This is by Sandra Tascarini of Ovid NY, whom I met at the event. She painted it from a photograph she took of me at the event, behind my sewing machine.  It’s just so wonderful! 

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