New Work – Schwerkraft (Gravity)

Catherine Redford and I co-founded the Naperville Modern Quilt Guild, and we had a little challenge!  We decided to make 36 inch square quilts doing a “modern” interpretation of the Log Cabin block.


Terrible photo, I am in a hurry…

The quilts that came in were really fun (Check them out at the link)!  My quilt, called Schwerkraft (German for Gravity), uses the large expanses of negative space, and many other tenets of the Modern Quilt Movement.  The red square was done using my heirloom smocking technique.


It’s going to IQF Chicago in June.  Isn’t that cool?

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The Naperville Modern Quilt Guild

So one of the things that’s been keeping me busy while my finger recuperates is that I helped start a chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild in Naperville IL.  Having been a past guest speaker at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, we did know that there was a movement of modern quilters south and west of the city where we are.  It was the right time to start up a group of our own.
We had our first meeting at the end of July, and I was overwhelmed with how many people were there!  
Gentler Times Stitching is a great and generous shop in the area that is allowing us to have our meetings there!
If you are into Modern Quilting and want to join us, please stop by!

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