Resolutions update

As an update to my New Year’s resolutions, here’s how I’m doing.

1. Continue the weekly quilt series. This time, each month will have a theme.
**Going well!

2. Start a new monthly series where the works are larger, 8.5 x 11 inches, vertical orientation.
**Also going well, theme is “personal shrines”.

3. Enter my quilts into competitions. (3 quilts are started for entry into shows)
**One entered, and did not jury in. Second one going into an open show later this week!

4. “use it up!” I buy so much personal care products that I have too much. This year, I am not allowed to buy more until I use up all of what I have on hand. Except fabric and art supplies… I can never have too much.
*** I haven’t bought shampoo in months, nor bars of soap. I have been using up my ample supply of hotel shampoos and soaps after I ran out of the regular large sizes back at the end of January.

5. Write more letters. Keep in touch with distant friends and family. Who doesn’t love to get a letter?
*** I have been writing, no one has written back yet. In order to get mail, I have been using “Postcrossing” which has resulted in postcards from overseas!

6. See the bottom of the blog for the obligatory weight loss one…
***This one has sucked. Despite working out occasionally at the local community gym, DH and I have not been eating right. Must fix this soon.

7. Blog more!
***and thus the post on my resolutions! 🙂

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Personal shrines- My Monthly Journal Quilt

One of those resolutions of mine was to do a monthly quilt, in a larger format.

I love this painting, Beata Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, who painted 6 versions of this, with one copy being painted by a contemporary. I have seen 3 of the paintings and the copy. I have 3 left to see before I die, one of those things on the “bucket list”… as it were.
This version started it all, and is the last painted, and had to be completed by Ford Maddox Brown, and is here in Chicago, at the Art Institute. I have two other works using it. They are all in my personal collection, one of which is an actual shrine-type-thing. I don’t mean to use the work in a “breaking copyright” sense, I just love it so much, I can’t help it.
I believe in personal shrines made of similar things. I have lots of “collections” of stuff, ever so arranged to make me smile when I see them. There was a book long ago called something like “personal altars” that discussed this sort of collecting and arranging, and religion was not really part of it. I guess that’s why I keep going back to the painting and including it in my work. I could never own the original, so I keep copies of it in my personal works, like a shrine to art.
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