Mothra Stewart

Every day, on my lunch break, I watch a DVR’d episode of Martha, the live audience vehicle for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Every day, Mothra.. I mean Martha, tells us what she did in her fabulous expensive lifestyle. She often speaks of her fresian horses, the various homes she owns, and her extravagant trips for some award or vacation. I actually don’t like this gloating. In fact, I don’t like it so much I considered making a new blog called “Martha Brags” in which I would describe the little comments she throws out there. But… I do like the show quite a bit for the crafter appearances, and some of the best in the craft world have been on her show: Betz White, Emily Martin, and many many others. If she dumps the craft portion, I’m dropping Mothra like a hot potato. I have other uses for the DVR space.
But, in regards to quilting, during this lunch break, I have started HAND QUILTING! And not just hand quilting, hand quilting my very first quilt top I ever made! And boy, let me tell you, it’s very traditional. A sampler quilt, no less! What could have possessed me? The fact that it’s been folded up in the craft room for over 10 years, and I was asked about my first quilt recently. Yikes. I am a terrible hand quilter, but I will complete it, someday…

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