My website got a face-lift for my 40th birthday

I’m not fretting being 40, but my website was looking a bit tired and wan.  So I made a huge update!

OOO… Pretty….

I like how I can organize everything using the WordPress platform, and it’s much more up to date.
I’m considering converting my blog too…  hmmm.

What do you think?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Making some changes around here…

Just like when you start or finish a big project, ad you clean your sewing space to start fresh, I am doing some cleaning up around here.  I’ll be doing some more posting than I have in the past, and it’s long overdue.  
Back when I did the weekly quilts, I had a reason to post 2-3 times a week.  Now that I am not doing the weekly quilt series, I have been very lax on the blog front.  
But also now that the big quilt is out of the way (mentally) I can plan lots of goodies for the site.
What kinds of goodies?
     -links to other blogs and posts of note
     -tutorials (yay!)
     -and much more

So I hope you stick around, tell your friends, etc!

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About comments on blogs…

As you know, I love comments on my blog.  This little guy over here ==>  
helps me love blog comments.  It’s a way for me to interact with my readers.
As you may know, Blogger (the blog platform I use and actually really like) changed it’s comment form word verification to something pretty awfully hard to use.  I only noticed because I didn’t get any comments on my blog for over 2 weeks, and that’s pretty unusual.
So…. I have turned it off.  Yay!  But the spam commenters have also increased… Boo!  So I’m managing the spam as best I can, but let me know if you see one?   

In the meantime, comment away!!

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Sewing machine….busted…

It took me forever to realize the lyric in “Love Shack” by the B-52s is “Tin roof…. rusted”.  Yes, my trusty Janome is going in the shop today to fix it’s skipping stitches.  Changing needles, cleaning out the bobbin case, and all of my other tricks are not working to fix the thread from shredding up and stitches being skipped repeatedly.  Luckily all of my projects for shows with immediate deadlines are finished.  Can’t wait til my baby is back home!!

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