Studio Makeover Update

My studio has been a little neglected this past month in all of the hubbub of the daily grind.  However, one special item came in and I just could not wait to show it to you!

Back in at the Cincinnati Quilt Show in April, I ordered my new sewing table!  I had been saving my pennies, and this was a big splurge, but it’s so worth it.  It’s been custom made for the height I sit at, and the insert is removable and I can add feet to it to take it with me on the road. The insert is by Sew Steady, and it’s great. 
It’s from Tracey’s Tables, who were so fabulous and set it all up on delivery too!  

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My messy worktable

This weekend, I really needed to clean my studio.  

I have been making LED kits like crazy for a class I am teaching at the Fiber Art Divas meeting tonight at the Naperville Art League. 

Kits, and ATC backs, everywhere!!!  If you will be at the meeting, see you there! 

Want to see more messy worktables?  Check out Lynn Krawczyk’s blog for more folks with messy workspaces!  Messy workers, unite!! Here we all are!!!

Mary Cottingham

Joy Manoleros

 Judi Hurwitt

Kathy Schmidt

Deb Harowitz

Linda Marcille

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Studio Makeover – Shelves!

I’m so pleased that this little project is done!  

I finally have a place for the knickknacks that cluttered up the top of my fabric organizer systems and gives me more room to put up mini quilts.  
I made these from 1×6 pine with a nice rope trim that I nailed on the edge and then painted with 4 coats of white paint.  It’s hung “invisibly” by brackets that go upwards, drilled directly into studs for stability. 

I have so many little tchotchkes  from my childhood in here, my “little girl” room.  I also got to put up a lot of the mail art that I have traded for over the years.

You can see the pink foam for my new design wall.  It’s almost done and just needs it’s felt covering.  That’s coming soon!  After that, the room just needs one more tidying and my (almost year long) makeover will be complete!

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Nostalgia and The Avon Good Fairy

My studio is the previous owner’s daughter’s room.  It was painted purple and green, and since I like those colors I decided to leave it painted that way. When I was little I BEGGED my father to paint my room purple like a friend of mine had.  After a weekend away I came back to my room painted a light lavender.  That is the color in the studio, and I love it.  It brings back those childhood memories, and of something my dad did for me.
I decided to put whimsy things in my studio.  I have lots of fairies in there, all mostly from when I was a kid and could not get enough of fairies, unicorns, and the like.  I was a child of the 80’s after all.

I had this Avon perfume decanter as a kid.  I think it was second hand, because I only had the wand, and not the wings.  It was long since tossed out. I think only to top half of her survived, and my brother liked the wand because it glowed in the dark.  The other day I just happened to Google it, and came across some eBay auctions for them, and next thing you know I had one.  I opened the perfume and it smelled just like I remember.  The smell of childhood, and nostalgia, and it made me miss that old house.  It made me call my dad. 🙂
Do you have anything that brings back memories like that?
More weekly quilts and stuff coming up this week!  Yay!

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Partial Studio Closet makeover

This is just one peek at the closet makeover.  I tore out (literally) the wire shelves that were put in by the builder in this small walk in closet.  I got two bookcases from WalMart for $25 each that now house my books and (when better organized) small containers of bead, buttons, and other notions. 
On the wall just inside the closet, I hung my “pin quilt”, which is just a black piece of cotton that I quilted and bound that I stick all of the pins I collect at comic book or quilt shows into.  I get all these lovely things and never know what to do with them, so here they are.
As you can see, the left side of the bookshelves needs to be organized still. I’ve got a few plastic tubs and a light fixture to buy before this little closet makeover is done, but it will be much more organized and useful to me once it’s done.  Then I can go out into the main room and do some minor changes that will get the rest of the studio in shape! 
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