A really nice review of the Technocraft show

The Newport Mercury magazine is a local Rhode Island weekly that recently covered the exhibit that my piece Dunkelheit is in.  I was thrilled to read this excerpt from the article:
The brilliance of Sleboda’s work was noticed most clearly by viewing the piece in a quiet gallery early. Triggered by sound, the piece lights up, blinking as it picks up on ambient room noise. Barely flickering at the beginning of the show, by the time the moths took flight, the piece was aglow with flickering lights, responding to the noise of the crowd.”

Wow!  Thank you so much to Suzi Ballenger who let me know about the article (and the exhibition in the first place!), and also to Jess Braley for such a glowing review of the exhibit and my work.  I really wish I could travel to see the show, it looks fabulous. 
The article is on page 9 of the 5/09/12 edition, in case it gets archived and you would like to read the whole thing.  

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Looking back to look forward

The channel guide for when my episode was on locally!

I can’t say that 2011 wasn’t good to me.  It was a fabulous year.  Some of my highlights were:
     -taping a segment for Series 800 of Quilting Arts TV!
     -Having my EL Wire article published in In Stitches digital magazine
     -Teaching at Houston in the Make It University area
     -Acceptance into my first IQA show and also two other exhibitions
     -having several of my meme quilts go viral

It’s been such a successful year that it makes you wonder how to keep the momentum going?  I have lots of ideas scrambling around in my head that I hope to make come to life.  It’s going to be a great year again, and I hope you’ll stay for the ride!  

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Chicago Area! My Episode of Quilting Arts is Airing!

If you are in the Chicago area, my episode of Quilting Arts is airing on January 5th at 1 pm on WYCC (channel 20). It’s episode 811, called “Quilts Gone Wild”.   On Comcast Cable near me it’s even in HD on channel 240.  Please check it out!
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Paying it forward…

Lately, I have had some great things happen to me, and I’m so grateful for everything that has come my way. But for every happiness that I have received, I wish I could make others just as happy.
When I was at Houston, my friend Catherine and I wandered past the Machine Quilting Unlimited booth. One of the ladies working the booth asked “Are you the one with the light up quilts?”. I told her that I really appreciated her comment and that it made my day. It really did. And right there, I realized that for every compliment and encouraging word I got, I should pass on at least 2 more of my own. 
So, when I saw someone with a jacket they might have made themselves, I stopped her and asked about it.  Sure enough, she had, and I told them how much I loved it. As I walked away, she turned to her friends and said “Wasn’t that nice?” 
Also in Houston, I asked my friend Pokey to write a note for my online friend Jackie who could not be at the show and mailed it to her
I know EXACTLY what it feels like to have someone tell you they recognized your name, or knew of your work somehow. I know what it feels like for a “famous” quilter to say something encouraging. Just think how wonderful we all would feel if someone else took a second to say they liked your quilts.
So, if you are a “famous”/published quilter, tell someone you don’t know how nice their work is. If you are a quilt teacher, tell a student how wonderful a job they are doing. If you are not famous or a teacher (like me), spread some happiness to 2 more people by complimenting their work too.  You don’t know how much it will mean to someone to get that compliment.  Maybe they are waiting for that compliment before they launch an art career of their own… you never know what the effect you will have on others!

P.S. Lyric Kinard is doing a really similar thing all through December as her way of saying “Thanks”, which I have been following along with. Check it out!  

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