What should my weekly quilts be for 2011?

I have a little poll for your help in deciding what I should do for 2011!  Vote, vote, like a baby stoat!

<br /> <a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/4192226/”>What should the Weekly Quilt project be in 2011?</a><span style=”font-size:9px;”><a href=”http://polldaddy.com/features-surveys/”>survey software</a></span><br />
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This and That

Ever get an idea out of your head, executed, and then find yourself a bit drained to even begin the next project? That’s where I am right now. The “big” quilt is done. So now what? The next ideas are forming, but taking their time.
I am planning a trip to Indianapolis soon with the group from ATCsForAll.com, and I’ve been feverishly working on ATCs to trade there. I’m super stoked to be taking the various art classes there… And I get to meet all these folks whom I’d only “met” and know virtually.
I got a netbook, because while I love my Blackberry it doesn’t “do” internet the way I need to. Forums, and other sites like that, they don’t operate the way they need to for me. So a netbook solves lots of littel travel internet problems for me. This will allow me to keep up with Quilting Arts’ Forum, ATCsForAll, plus my various facey-spaces and tweetspots. Now my favorite part will be getting a purse big enough for the netbook. I should make a swanky quilted cover for it.
I’m also working on a new blog header for up there… It’s so bland…

This is my 250th blog post! It’s my goal to post more often now.

What do you think I should work on (in a meta sense): Patterns for things like the Japanese Dolls and Monsters? Or work on a lecture about my small works to do a local lecture circuit? I put a poll to the right… Give it a try for me?

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Where my nerds at? Join my poll for next month’s theme!

The blogosphere is quiet. Almost every blog I read has been quiet for a while, no new posts. I love new posts! And I love comments! So… comment already!
How about a poll for March’s weekly quilt theme?
Ok, in March I will be away quite a bit. I will need to be able to do handwork because at least 2 weekend I will be away.

So, here are the themes. Leave a comment with your vote!
1. “3-D” 3-D fiber work in felt
2. “Words” Works with words in them
3. “applique” Various Applique methods
4. “landscapes” Since I will be away in 2 different places this month

So there are the 4 ideas, so vote/comment for what you would like to see in March for my weekly quilt theme!

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