Quilting ISN’T Funny… It’s Hilarious

Megan Dougherty (a.k.a. the Bitchy Stitcher) interviewed me WAAAY way back in July of 2011 on Light Up Quilting for a new little website called Generation Q.  But before that she was the humor columnist for Quilter’s Home, you know, the magazine that had an issue come polybagged and that a major store refused to carry?  Megan’s sense of humor, and this style of guerrilla quilt reporting appealed to my sensibilities. THESE WERE MY KIND OF PEOPLE.

If you have ever tried to explain to a non-quilter that your hobby/profession/passion is “quilting” (“No, really, I’m a ‘quilter'”) then you know the kind of comedy that can ensue.

Megan's awesome bookMegan has written a great book full of her humor pieces from magazines and a few new ones too.  It’s really great.  I laughed out loud, and got that look from my husband of “what the hell are you reading, I hope it’s not smut again”.  It’s like she wrote this just for me, with quilt guild minutes that seem like she was in the room during my quilt guild presidency, and how quilting will be essential during the upcoming zombie apocalypse. She takes the stuffiness I have all too often run into in quilting and turned it on it’s head.  I loved it.

RDxIn honor of Megan’s fabulous book, WHICH YOU SHOULD GO BUY RIGHT THIS INSTANT, I am giving away a Red DELUXE LED Sewing Kit.  And then you can flip to page 132 and make your very own Black Sabbath quilt that lights up.  Or you know, just make the zombie version in the kit.  Your choice.

To win, here’s the rules:
1.  Think hard about going and buying Megan’s book.  Really it’s great and you won’t regret it.  Go HERE.
2.Please only enter one time.  Multiple entries will be disqualified. (Comments are moderated, so you won’t see your entry online right away)
3. You must leave me a way to contact you, so please leave your valid email address when leaving a comment.
4. The drawing will be open until Dec 26th at 5:00 PM CST.
5. The winner will be chosen randomly the evening of Dec 26th.  Check back to see if you are the winner!

Now go check out the rest of the blog tour too!

The winner has been selected, CLICK HERE to see who won!

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A new Workshop! Check it out!

samplesclassI’m super excited to announce that I have a new workshop to offer to guilds and groups, called Experiments in Dimensional Sewing!   After teaching myself lots of these techniques, I’m super exited to share them with you.  It’s customizable to a half, full or multi day class, which is perfect for any of your group’s needs.   If you are looking for a speaker/teacher for your guild or group, I hope you would consider me!


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Tuesday night is Guild Night!

I love guild night. I can’t wait to see my quilt-y friends, and we all get to show off what we have been doing. December’s meeting means that there will be showing of gifts for others before they get wrapped up and sent away.

Well, that was before the weather intervened… I ended up running the meeting (I’m Vice President), and we had fewer folks turn out than usual. However, our speaker was fantastic! We had Judy Coates Perez as our special guest and she had a very nice presentation on how she makes her painted quilts. One of the perks of Chicago area living is the cool Chicago quilt artists! (Of which, I hope I am included one day) Both Judy and Robbi Eklow had the snowiest nights to come to our guild meeting, so I am wondering if local artists have some kind of “winter mojo”.

Here’s a picture of Judy and I after her talk. I can’t wait to take her Fiesta Ornaments class this weekend. That’s “Primordial Sea” in the background, it’s beautiful, and all painted on silk!
I’ll post my show and tell later this evening, I hope. I didn’t post this picture last night because I had to shovel the driveway after closing up the meeting. A late night, but so worth it!
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Back in B-more

I’m back in Baltimore for a quick work trip and then heading to the Baltimore Heritage Quilter’s Guild’s West River retreat, and event I loved to do when I lived here. I haven’t found any retreats near my house in Illinois so far, but i would love to if they are as affordable as the one in Baltimore….

I attended the Mancuso run Greater Chicago Quilt Expo III, which I understand is going to be the last one here. It’s apparent that the show is poorly attended, which surprises me, as the IQA show in April is a mega-show. There were no white glovers, which I heard through the grapevine is because “people here don’t volunteer”, which is crazy, because my friends volunteered for IQA’s show a whole bunch… I think it’s because it’s poorly marketed to our area. The show is small when you compare it to other shows. And having had attended the Williamsburg Mancuso show, this was teeny tiny compared to shows of their own!

I did have the lovely pleasure to take a class from Rosalie Dace, who is a lovely person, and great teacher. Our class was on “Up Close and Personal” taking images of microscopic things and making them the basis for quilt design. I had pretty good ideas and have taken away good ideas, so for me the class was a success. I’ll post pictures of the things I made, along with things from this weekend’s retreat sew-a-thon, when I get back.

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