My work in local gallery

I am part of a lovely group of art ladies called the Fiber Art Divas, who meet at a local art gallery to exchange ideas, present challenges to get our brains and fibers moving, and just general friendship.
I joined these ladies shortly after I got to the area, and their support has been invaluable.
We’re having a gallery show at the end of the month, which you can read about here.  It’s Oct 23rd to the 30th at Naperville Art League.  My work will be included so I hope you come to see our show. Please sign our guestbook if you do. This is a pic of our last show, it was a huge success for us!  This photo is of our last show.

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Home from the quilt show

And boy are my feet tired!  I promise a bunch of goodie posts this week, including the “What the heck did I buy at the show” show and tell and “what the heck did I make at the show” show and tell, and even a technique of the week that was learned right there at the IQA festival, and it’s something you might really love like I do.

But for right now, I am super tired from both this and the comic book event right before it, so I am off to dreamland and will get the first of my posts up for you to read tomorrow.  Later!

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The wrap-up from the PNQE show

I recieved my quilt and my ribbon almost two days after the show closed, so that was incredibly fast and efficient. My quilt arrived in perfect condition, and that was a huge relief.
I also received my judging sheet, and my judge comments were all positive.
Just the other day I received the last portion of the PNQE entry, my check for the cash prize.
And with that, my first quilt show entry is complete. I have to say I’d do it again.

Now, if my muse would just come back, I’d get to work on my next show entry. I have some ideas but the design is still not yet in my grasp. I’ve had 2 weekends in a row without much quilting work at all, and no inspiration either. Next week I will be at a show for work, and afterward I’ll have a long time before any other trips, so I hope my muse comes back from her vacation refreshed.

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Best Amateur Entry – Innovative Category

To say that I am over the moon about my quilt hanging in the PNQE show is a bit of an understatement.
On Thursday, I learned my quilt won the ribbon for Best Amateur Entry in the Innovative category. You can see the list of winners and photos of the quilts here.
I was so stunned! To the point where I could not move for about 30 seconds!
So off to PNQE XVI I went on Friday with my father in law, and it was great to finally see my quilt and the ribbon it won. I was surprised the ribbon was blue. I just thought that was reserved for the first place winner or best in show.
On Saturday I went back to the show to shop the vendors, look at the quilts in detail, and caught up with a few members of the Baltimore Heritage Quilter’s Guild.

The show was in a new space near Oaks, PA, which my GPS could not find. (ha ha ) and it was a bit tucked back from the road. The space was big, but really just 4 concrete walls and floor. It was well lit, I thought. The vendors were great, even if on a bit of the traditional side, but it is PA after all. I loved the Japanese kimono and fabric vendors the best, and recognized a few vendors from other big shows. I wore my QuiltArt name badge, but wasn’t stopped by any other fellow members.
What an exciting thing this has all turned out to be. I had been eyeing a Coach purse for a few months now, and had only part of the money for it saved up, I think it’s time to go shopping for that adorable handbag.

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My quilt “Road to Home” was accepted into the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza and will be on display this September, from the 17th to the 20th.

This is a my first entry into a major quilt show, and by extension, my first acceptance! I’m thrilled to pieces!

So, I plan to go out to the show and visit my quilt on display, since you can only have a “first quilt show” once. Anyone who plans to be in Philadelphia at that time, let me know so we can meet up!

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