Quilting Arts TV and Me!

The new set for season 13 Once again, I was was asked to be part of the next season of Quilting Arts TV!  I had some great projects that I worked on in secret between all of my work travel for the comic book industry.
Cheryl and Catherine RedfordThis time, my friend Catherine Redford was also taping and she and I were able to travel together and do our tapings on the same day!
Projects on trays in the green roomWe got there and set up each segment onto trays, and then it was the LONG wait until it was our turn to tape.
Cheryl and Pokey on setI did four segments for the new season.    I was really excited to show something really new and I hope I lived up to the challenge!  I also did another dimensional sewing segment, which I hope you will all enjoy too!
More pics from the set


We met bunches of people who were taping also, including Julia Wood, Michelle May, Susan Brubaker Knapp, and Max Hamrick.  Exciting secret projects!Just like that, it was all over, and we packed up to go home.  But there’s more exciting stuff around the corner!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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My Trip to Tape for Quilting Arts TV!

I went to tape for the new season of Quilting Arts TV last week on Good Friday.  It was a GREAT Friday, if you ask me! I taped four segments.  This was one of many projects that I have been secretly prepping for, as everything had to be made in triplicate.
I started off very early on Thursday, but it’s not the trip for the Mustang, which is still covered for the winter.

blogp2It’s 6 hours from Chicago to Cleveland, so I made a stop for provisions and carried on.  It went by so fast, I was pretty excited to get there.

Beachwood Studios is where the magic happened.

What a great staff they are, they made you feel comfortable and were super nice!

blogp7Here’s all my projects laid out.

A peek into the studio.  My friend, Lynn Krawczyk was taping that day!

blogp8In the green room, I got to try out the Bernina I would be using on set with the amazing Jeanne Cook Delpit.  She’s a fabulous teacher, and she showed me the ins and outs of that fab machine!

blogp5Here I am bright and early the day of taping.  Yes, that is a huge blemish that appeared on the end of my nose.  Typical, right?

blogp10What does it look like on the other side of the camera?  Here it is!

blogp11The project camera on the jib to get closeups of the work.

blogp9In the green room, the project is screened as it tapes and between takes it is stopped, and we always have funny looks on our faces.

blogp12Some of my weekly quilts making an appearance.
After the taping I got to meet the amazing Marlene Glickman, who I went to dinner with after our segments taped.
I can’t wait until they air, which will be some time in the fall.  I’m so grateful to have been asked to appear and hope you all enjoy when it comes out!

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My Make It University Class

I’m more than a little overdue to talk about how my awesome class that I taught at Make It University in Houston went.  I was riding that post-Houston “high” and then time just got away from me.  
That said, you can’t really take pictures and stuff while you are teaching, so I am going to rely on my fab friends to fill in…
It’s hard to believe it went by in an hour.  I feel like it was the fastest and slowest hour ever…  But it was so worth it.  I learned just as much as they did, I think!

The class filled up so fast! Pic by Catherine Redford
It was hard to make sure everyone heard your instructions, the microphone helped. Pic by Catherine Redford
You don’t realize how hectic it can be helping 23 people with the project! Pic by Catherine Redford
Making sure everyone’s project lit up was also important! We had 2 dud LEDs in the group.  OOPS! I had it covered with extras, which means “Be prepared!”  Pic by Judy Perez
A quick second to say hi.  It was a lot of fun. Pic by Judy Perez
That’s Lindsey from QA/Interweave, who gave everyone in my class a free magazine!  How cool was that?  Pic by Catherine Redford
You also forget how big a crowd 23 people can be! Pic by Becky Glasby
Yup, a guy took my class!  He was super nice and emailed me after the show to say he had fun. Pic by Becky Glasby
It was important to me to make sure I helped everyone, and tried very hard to make it around to each person as much as I could.  Pic by Becky Glasby
My student’s work!  So cool! Pic by Catherine Redford
This student was from Australia and clipped that little koala onto my shirt as a thank you! I had a great time teaching and hope to do it again! pic by Catherine Redford
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Quilting Arts TV

The cat’s out of the bag, I will be taping a couple of segments for Quilting Arts TV Series 800 while on location in Cincinnati!  

I’m over the moon, of course, and I’m having a blast making my projects for the show. 

Much of this is serendipitous as a result of my fabulous Houston trip, after which I didn’t think things could get much better!  

Thanks so mcuh to all of you who encourage me along the way, I truly appreciate it!

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