The "other" artwork for the article in QA

I did a total of 10 ATCs for the Quilting Arts article, and some (rightfully so) didn’t make the cut.  I was very partial to the zombie and the robot, so those being in the article make me very happy.  The cupcake is a reworked design I did for someone online who didn’t follow through on her trade and I got the card back.  
Sadly, green LEDs in this voltage do not light up too brightly.  That’s why I think that though the holiday tree and the UFO are awesome, they don’t work well for print.  
So, seeing all of these ideas… what design would you put lights into? 

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I’m in the latest QUILTING ARTS!!!!

This was the HARDEST secret (that really ended up not being that secret) I have ever had to keep!!  Especially since subscribers got their issues a few days ago and have been emailing me, and messaging me on Facebook, and even commenting here!
My article was picked up for the 10th anniversary issue of Quilting Arts!  
I’m so excited, I can barely stand it!
It’s available from quilt shops, all the major bookstores, and Quilting Art’s website.  Please go out and get a copy!  
There’s a few cool giveaways I’m planning this month, so get ready, because it’s gonna be an awesome time here!  There’s not enough exclamation points for me to express how cool this is for me! !!!  
This is literally a dream come true.  It’s also one of my major art goals achieved.  Remember way back when when I said I had a dream about this?  I didn’t tell you that the dream resulted in me NOT getting into the magazine.  I was so upset about the dream, and I knew that I would never know how it would really turn out unless I actually submitted the article.  I know many of you replied to my “should I or shouldn’t I” blog post, and I thank you for spurring me on!  
Please let me know what you think of the article, and I will be back with lots of giveaways and fun stuff!  No, really!  Check back often!!!

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Houston – Day 4

All good things must come to an end.  So it was with Houston, and I had to cram all of the crap I bought into my tiny suitcase.  Silly me.

A final look out of my hotel window and I was off to drop off my luggage with the front desk and off to the show for my final Open Studios and last minute shopping. 

Open Studios was once again a fantastic time.  I ran out of business cards right at the end.  Lots of kids, younger quilters, quilt husbands stopped by as the light up quilts caught their eye.  I was again thrilled with the response.  Some of the biggest names in quilting stopped by to say hello and see my work, and for that, I am completely honored and humbled.  I was asked often if I teach, lecture, have kits, or offer artwork for sale.  WOW… And all I have to say is “Yes, stay tuned”.

This is a photo of Holly Holloway, my friend who I met in Chicago at the show this past spring.   She’s a fabulous mixed media artist.   After my visit with her, my Open Studios time was over, and I was off to the SAQA booth.  I had been visited at my Open Studios table by many SAQA members who suggested I check them out and join.  Laura Wasilowski was there and she and Frieda Anderson will be out local SAQA leaders.  She said she had heard some good comments about me during the show, and that made me feel really good. 

Well, after picking up my work from the MistyFuse booth, and saying goodbye to my Quilting Arts friends, I left the Brown Convention Center with a high spirit that I haven’t felt in a long time.  The show was a complete success for me, and I accomplished many things.  I’m formulating my next goals, my next quilts, my next adventure, so I hope you will come along for the ride. 

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Come see me in Houston!

I will be part of Quilting Arts’ MIU/Open Studios area at the International Quilt Festival in Houston!  Come and see me on November 6th from 4 to 6pm  and Sunday November 7th from 11:45 am to 1:45 pm.  
I will be demoing some pretty cool things at these times in the Open Studios area of the giant Make It University area.  I hope you will come by and say hello, take one of my new MOO cards, and enjoy yourself!  I’m completely bowled over to be part of this. Yay!
This is a photo by Helen Gregory of Quilting Arts, showing Judy Coates Perez during her Open Studios time in Chicago. 
This is just one of many things that’s going on right now, so hold tight… it’s gonna be a crazy ride!

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Putting my best face forward

When I thought up the challenge for the Quilting Arts forum, I could not decide on a theme, but wanted to do something with “face” in it.  It could be interpreted many ways, and originally I thought I would do a self-portrait.  
Then Life got in the way, exciting opportunities popped up that I could not pass up, and there’s my regular 9-5 job in there as well.  So I had to reconsider my first idea and come up with a plan B.  A fast, executable, but still excellent Plan B.
I used to draw faces all the time as a kid.  I’d read comics, and if a panel looked especially pretty, I’d try to blow it up on a regular sheet of typing paper.  They never looked like the comics, but this one was close, and it was always “my best face”.  I saved it in a folder, and it’s dated 1991.  I was 18.  In High School.
So, I give you my best face.  Looks a little like Marilyn from a while back, huh?
This is painted on white cotton then quilted.

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