How did I forget to post this quilt?

I guess I was so busy with the challenge piece for the last week of April, that I forgot about the work I did in NYC! I unpacked the rest of my suitcase this week and found this in there. Ugh.

This recycled piece is made from fused plastic bags. The red and black bags are a rare commodity and I save all bags that I get that are an unusual color. The rest of the work was done with variegated embroidery thread. I like the boldness of this piece after so many pink-y pastel works in this recycled theme. I promise I won’t forget to post next month’s works more timely.
My last post about fusing plastic bags is the top hit page of my blog, which you can read here.
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Towards the Feminine

I call this “Towards the Feminine”. This was an attempt for the Quilting Arts challenge for “Go Green”, which I realized would break the “copyright” rule, as I used name brand products in the work, and probably would not get into the magazine.

I cut this to 5 inches square too, which is an inch short for my weekly quilt. But, this is going to suffice as my weekly, and I may add some frou-frou to the edges to make it 6 inches square. I have a few hours left…

This is made from a Tampax tampon wrapper, Kotex wrappers, a Carefree pantyliner wrapper and backing paper, a dyed dryer sheet and some craft felt with glitter in it. The pink embroidery “yarn” is made from the ties that the Kotex package uses to pull the top shut. I was really happy with the way this came out, and then realized it wouldn’t work for the contest. However, I have to say that it would not be the same work without the name brands identifying what all this crap is. This is the last week for the Recycled theme, and I don’t know yet what I am doing for next month’s theme.
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Recycling from IQA Chicago

My weekly quilt this week is firmly on the theme of “recycled” for April. As I described on my earlier post about the show, and the “Surviving the Runway” luncheon, I took some of the scraps on the table to use in this week’s quilt. I think this makes a perfect memento of the event, and our win for our table team.

Used here are tissue paper, a bingo card, a paper doily, gesso, pink paint to take down the bingo card color, ink from a stamp pad in the prize pack I won, and Wright’s hem tape used on our model, that was origianlly grey but I dyed with pomegranate juice. Too bad this is not 5×5 inches (my weekly quilts are 6×6) or I would enter it into Quilting Art’s current reader challenge!
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Recycled Materials Month- Tenkei Marshmallows

I saved this bag after consuming the delicious chocolate-filled marshmallows inside for over a year. I love the little character on it. I also got sent a pack of candies and San-X tissues from the Japanese Etsy seller who my husband bought my Gocco machine from. So I wanted to make a mini quilt out of the candy wrappers and tissues for my first week on the “recycled materials” theme. I love Japanese “kawaii” or “super cute” stuff. This way I get to keep the little bag and tissue as artwork…

I have been on a “green” kick since before Earth Hour… I have switched a good number of incandescent bulbs to fluorescent ones. I’m buying less chemicals and cleaning with more natural solutions, and am trying to switch from paper towels to rags that we can rewash. I have a new high efficiency washer and dryer too. My heat is on 67 degrees and my air was barely below 80 degrees last summer. It’s a small start.
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