Letters – One of my resolutions

When I was young, I loved getting letters.  I loved writing letters too.  I had many pen pals.  I saved all of my letters, including all of the notes passed to me in High School, and they have traveled with me the many times I have moved. My friends who have helped me move have all had a laugh over the boxes labeled “old mail” and “high school notes”.  I keep all personal mail sent to me: cards, postcards, letters, all of it…
When I lived in Baltimore, I wrote my sister (who had just started college) a postcard about once a month.  Sometimes I got one back.  Those were “good mail days”.  I always thought it would be fun in our old age to laugh over a shoebox of old postcards we wrote to each other.  I was sad it didn’t last and now I live about an hour away from her. Emails or texting takes place of that random postcard.
I also LOVE stationery.  I have a box full of that too.  Some of it’s very old, from when I was a kid and had all pink, candy-colored note sets.  Some, I just bought.  Some I have only one left of and can’t bear to write on!  
I tried Postcrossing a while ago, and got some neat postcards from all over the world.  But sometimes you want a personal letter and that’s what I’m planning to do.
This year, I plan to write a letter/postcard/note a week.  Some are letters long overdue.  Some are for friends I know would love to get one. And some may be to a stranger I have just met.
If you’d like a letter, send me an email (in my profile in the upper left) with your address and I will add you to the queue. No promises! 🙂

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Starting off with something new in 2010

One of my goals for 2010 is to blog more often.  I wasn’t very good at this in ’09 and I can be better in ’10.  

To that end, and to try my hand at something art-y, I decided to try a little cartoon.  

I warn you, I CANNOT draw.  Really, I have no perception of depth or balance in this arena.  So these aren’t going to be the best, but I can try.  I do work in the comic industry and have spent 2/3 of my adult life reading them, so I should be able to get some strips going.  I can do cutesy little faces and blobs, but real items and backgrounds are NOT my thing. 

My plan is to do one a week.  We will see how this goes!  

One of my next posts will be about my weekly quilt series in 2010.  I hope you’ll stay tuned for my adventures.

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Part of my New Year 2009 Resolutions

One of my big New Year Resolutions is to be more eco-conscious. This year, my resolutions were a bit broad, with each having 3 specific goals. So, “Be more eco-conscious” has the following 3 goals for this year:

-Reduce the amount of plastic I bring home. This means plastic bags, plastic containers, etc., including food containers, which DH and I recently discussed. During the holidays, I gave almost all of the “gladware” I had away to my dad, and we recently bought some glass “refrigerator dishes” from Goodwill. On eBay these things go for over $20 each, mine were $3.99 each. And we recycled by not buying new!
-Recycle and repurpose. If you don’t have to buy new, don’t. We can also make a better effort to recycle anything that can be put in the recycling bin.
-Continue to “Use It Up”. While I was able to buy shampoo and regular soap because I needed it, I am still not buying lotion or handcreme until I use up my stores.
Now, one of the coolest things I did to recycle came this weekend. I’m trying not to continue to buy boxes of tissues, because I go through a lot of them. So last month I decided to buy some hankies and use them instead. I had been eyeing some in a catalog for $30 for 12, but stopped by and antique store yesterday, and found some for $1.50 each. A quick wash and dry, and they are just as nice as the ones from the catalog. (Yes, I could make them also, but there’s a whole time issue there…for now).
While at the Antique place, I spied an old treadle machine, cabinet and all, price tag $65. The machine appeared to have been electrified, so the treadle parts would not work anymore to power the machine. But, DH and I have been thinking about getting a table for our newly remodeled library for a lamp that I “freecycled” from dad’s garage. $65 is not bad for a nice table, so off to the antique store I went today to purchase. Included in the deal was a second sewing machine “head”, should we want to convert it back into a working treadle. Not many parts were in there, but the cabinet is in great shape, though refinished/restained by the previous owner. The second machine head is very cool, and will make a neat sewing room decoration for now. Take a look!

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2008’s Resolutions

Looking back at my 2008 resolutions, I did some things well, and others… not so well. But here’s a quick rundown of how I did.

1. Continue the weekly quilt series. This time, each month will have a theme.
***Done and in the bag! I completed the entire year! Yay!

2. Start a new monthly series where the works are larger, 8.5 x 11 inches, vertical orientation.
***Well, after June, I go so busy traveling for work, only one project could be continued, and that was the weekly themes. So, after 6 months of faithful service, this one was retired. Boo hiss!

3. Enter my quilts into competitions. (3 quilts are started for entry into shows)
***Well, one was entered, and did not jury in. The other 2 never got finished. I love both ideas, and will still continue them, but with traveling over 21,000 miles for work, I think I can safely say “I did not have time”. I have given this topic the most thought in 2008, and I am not sure if entering shows is right for me just yet. I’ll try my hand at a few magazine entry contests first.

4. “use it up!” I buy so much personal care products that I have too much. This year, I am not allowed to buy more until I use up all of what I have on hand. Except fabric and art supplies… I can never have too much.
***I completed this one, and I have never been more happy to go and buy shampoo. I hoard soap and shampoo from hotels, and that kept me from buying any this year. I have the driest skin and crispiest hair you ever saw, and I won’t ever feel bad for buying (and using until it’s gone) a good bar of soap or bottle of shampoo. I still, however, have tons of bottles of lotion and handcreme that I could bathe in and still not use up. That will be for next year. This idea is going to be modified into a whole eco-thing for me next year.

5. Write more letters. Keep in touch with distant friends and family. Who doesn’t love to get a letter?
***I did very well on this mostly…. and again, traveling got a bit in the way, but I still love to give and recieve paper mail, so I plan to continue this into 2009.

6. See the bottom of the blog for the obligatory weight loss one…
***UGH. This SUCKED. I failed miserably at controlling my weight, and it’s spiralling out of control. A doctor’s visit will again be in order in 2009 to get this under control for good.

7. Blog more!
***Well, I added the “B.W.O.” link to the right because I should not feel “obligated” to blog. For me, that takes the fun and the life right out of it. I know it’s a great way to keep in touch with my friends, so I do want to make updates when I can. I love to show off my artwork, and this is how I do so, so I have been trying to do that more. I will happily blog into 2009, and hope to post my resolutions soon!

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