The return of the Round Robin

I participated in one of the best round robin groups while I lived in Baltimore. From the year 2000 we went from traditional Round Robins, to finishing each other’s UFO (UnFinished Objects) round robins, and various combinations in between.
The Round Robin I was in last was a “precious fabric” round. My original post about it was waaaaay back here, in 2006. We took 2-4 months to rotate, sometimes longer. This was the longest rotation, and surprise! I left for Chicago in the middle of it.
This lovely stack is what was in the box left by the postman Friday. Isn’t it wonderful? Thanks to:
Lynn Berberich
Barb Heinfelden
Jean Mellott
Joan McMahon
Jane Obaza
Amy Selmanoff
Denise Taylor
What wonderful friends!
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