The BIG Reveal!

DVD-FBI am so THRILLED to let you know that I taped a Quilting Arts Workshop DVD yesterday!!!  In addition to taping episodes for the next season of Quilting Arts TV, I am going to have my very own quilt DVD!

This was what Operation Quantum Storm was all about.  The thing about secret projects is that they, well, have to stay secret!  It looked like I wasn’t getting much work done to the outside world, but I was busier than ever.  Next up we are finalizing the title and release date and when I have that, I will be SURE to let you know all about it!  (Another secret for now)

Soooooo….  I hope you will stay tuned with me and see what other secrets I have up my sleeve.  It’s going to be a great year!!!


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Operation: Quantum Storm

Ages ago, I did something pretty brazen.  I sent something off to a company, and pretty much solidified myself on the path of making a go of being a professional artist.  It’s not that I don’t love my day job in comics: I TOTALLY do.  It’s really awesome. I love comics, and the comics industry, and they have been very good to me over the past 17 awesome years.  But I also wanted to see if I could take the next step, and try being both a comics professional and a professional artist.

So I mailed off my secret project.  And when I did it I was all:

I heard back, and since then it’s been called “Operation: Quantum Storm” in my house. (Quantum Storm is the name of that ship in the above video, from the classic and wonderful The Empire Strikes Back.)
So the reason things have been pretty quiet, and why I haven’t posted much new work lately, is because I’m toiling away on Operation: Quantum Storm.  

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