Houston Recap!!!

I can’t believe how fast time goes by at an event like International Quilt Festival. Not only did I have a lot going on at the show, I’ve had a super busy time once I got back.  Now after a little rest I’m ready to jump back in!  Here goes…
Cheryl and Speed I guess the biggest thrill for me is to have a quilt at the show!  Geschwindigkeit (Speed) was hanging in the show in the “An Exquisite Moment” special exhibit.  Yes, I did that thing where you hang out in front of your quilt and listen to what other people say about it (it was all good).

IMG_1159 I was part of Open Studios (sponsored by Craftsy) and had a great time showing everyone all about my cartoony quilts, dimensional sewing, and light up quilts!  Lots of people asked me if I teach and lecture (YES!) and a bunch asked if I had a Craftsy class, so I guess I’ll have to look into that!

Make It U - Houston 2013 Check out all of these awesome light up trading cards made in my class!!!  I LOVE student work, it’s so innovative and I always see something new that someone wants to put a light into.  We had a great time. Big thanks to Superior Threads for the conductive thread (check out this link for tutorials and more using their conductive threads)!

Make It U - SOLD OUTI’m always nervous to be the first Make It University class of the day, but I didn’t really have to worry.

IMG_1177The other awesome thing I did was to demo in the Cherrywood designs booth!  People came by and learned how I make my little cartoony people with Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics!  I worked on the cast of the Big Bang Theory during my demos, and had a great time showing people what I do.

houston1Then there’s my friends! This is a big part of the show for me. Clockwise from the top left: Judi Hurwitt, Pokey Bolton, Ebony Love, and Deborah Boschert!

houston2Even more fun is to be had at the “after parties” like the Gala on the Green on Saturday (top) and the Dinner @ 8 Artist dinner for those of us in the “An Exquisite moment” exhibit.

IMG_1135Of course, there’s my friend Catherine, who travels with me, is a fab roommate, and has her own “quiltie adventures” while at the show.  She did lots at the show this year too (like teaching and demoing) and you can read about her version of events on her blog! (How is it we get no pictures together, Catherine?)

IMG_1171I had a great time and I will miss it… until next year!!!

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See My Work at International Quilt Festival in Long Beach!

If you will be at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA this weekend, be sure to look for my quilt ,Geschwindigkeit, in the special exhibit “An Exquisite Moment”.  Please be sure to stop by here and tell us what you thought of the show!  I wish I could be there, but there’s so much to do here at home!

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Chicago Quilt Festival Recap!

I had a fabulous time at the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont (outside of Chicago).  I had one heck of a packed schedule, and I got to meet so many new people and see lots of my good friends.
OpenStudiosHeirloom First off, I had great fun at the Open Studios.  This is where you get to stop by and see what quilt artists are up to and what they are making.  It started last year in Houston, and I loved it, so I was totally game for it again this year.  I showed off three different techniques: Cartooning for Quilters, Heirloom Sewing, and of course, Light Up Your Quilts!  I was asked so many times “Do you teach?”  The answer is YES, YES, YES!
SAMSUNG I also got an opportunity to teach Light Up Artist Trading Cards at Create on the Spot!  This is similar to the old “Make It University” (which is coming back to Houston this year– YAY!).
More Students Create 2 The students in my light up class had a great time, and I had lots of kids in my class!  Everyone’s project lit up!   I thought the class was a great value and I hope everyone liked their project.
Kid Students ATC Class Student ATCS There have been a few places I’ve popped up since, like over on Pokey’s Blog, and on Generation Q’s blog, which is also nice.
Schwerkraft It’s always great to have a quilt in the show, and my quilt “Schwerkraft (Gravity)” was part of the Naperville Modern Quilt Guild’s Log Cabin Modern Quilt Showcase.  It was great fun to see it hanging.
Modern Meet Up There was also a great Modern Meet Up that Catherine and I co-hosted with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, and we got to see our friends and have a few drinks to wind down the day.
Light Up OPen StudiosAgain I demoed the Conductive Thread and lights from Superior Threads, who were super great to work with!  They have the best threads.  In all, it was a great weekend.   I can’t wait until Houston!  I already have my flight and hotel!

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Visiting my quilt at a local show

My husband and I went to a wedding in Pewaukee WI recently, and I discovered very last minute that the Power Suit quilts were at a nearby quilt show called Machine Quilting Today.   The show is held at a resort in Ocomonowoc, WI, and because we were less than 15 minutes away, I dragged my husband to see it in our nice wedding finery.  Here I am in front of my quilt, and I was happy to see it again!
I had not seen all of the Power Suit quilts in person, so it was really nice to see them. The quilts wrapped around the outer walls of the show.  Sadly, this looks like you are looking into a dungeon, and that is not far from the truth.  This location was so poorly lit.  I had never seen a show so badly lit.  They had table lamps in some of the aisles it was so dark…  It’s a shame too, as this being a machine quilting showcase show the work was stunning if you could actually see it. 

After the show I spoke with some fellow quilters and they all remarked how the organizers had just moved to this location from somewhere else, and they are aware of the lighting issues.  Such a shame, but hopefully it will be better next time!

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What I bought in Houston

It’s a tradition of mine to post the stuff that I spent my money on in Houston to feed my fabric and thread addiction.  Here’s the stuff I bought while at the Houston Show!

MMM thread.  I had all of the brights of this line of Superior thread, and it’s time to fill in the rest of the colors.
Yummy fabrics from Friestyle (Frieda Anderson) and matching dyed thread from Artfabrik (Laura Wasilowski).
Oh Cherrywood dyed fabrics… how I love thee.  You have outgrown your storage bin and these need to evict other fabric so that they can all live together.
I love these tokidoki style prints.  I have absolutely NO idea what I will make out of them, but I love them.
More awesome Japanese-kawaii (cute) fabrics.  Yum!

More that just were too cute to resist. All of these fabrics in the last 3 pictures came from the same booth!
The show if full of booths with all kinds of wonderful things, and sometimes you find a treasure.  I loved the Victorian era buttons turned into earrings, and just HAD TO HAVE the same period gold mourning brooch. It’s the perfect thing to wear in my “Creepy Victorian” parlor room!  
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