Countdown to Houston

Tick tock!  I hope you will come by the Quilting Arts booth and see me during Open Studios on Saturday and Sunday!
I’m packing like a madman and making designs for my Open Studios table to show you something really really cool.
This picture is a hint as to what it is! 
As far as my table goes, I’m planning to show the 3 pieces that were just picked up from my local show, and will be the subject of blog posts that will auto post while I am away.  I have some acrylic document stands I got from OfficeMax that I will use to show the work upright, I just need to cover them in fleece.  I will have a blog post about that shortly too!

And when Houston is over, my dear readers, I will return with a mighty vengeance to the Technique of the Week’s until all 52 are made.

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My work in local gallery

I am part of a lovely group of art ladies called the Fiber Art Divas, who meet at a local art gallery to exchange ideas, present challenges to get our brains and fibers moving, and just general friendship.
I joined these ladies shortly after I got to the area, and their support has been invaluable.
We’re having a gallery show at the end of the month, which you can read about here.  It’s Oct 23rd to the 30th at Naperville Art League.  My work will be included so I hope you come to see our show. Please sign our guestbook if you do. This is a pic of our last show, it was a huge success for us!  This photo is of our last show.

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Technique of the Week #16 – Graffiti Fabric

Before you cry out “But, Cheryl! This is supposed to be week #15!” I looked back at my posts and realized there are two number 8’S!  So, instead of correcting all of those posts (which frankly sounds exhausting) I’m kicking off this week with the correct number.  Thanks for your understanding.

Project hours: 4 hours
Design and materials: 1 hours
Execution: 3 hours

I learned this FUN technique at the International Quilt Festival at the Quilting Arts/Interweave Booth.  If you have never been, they have a classroom on the show floor called “Make it University”.   The teacher of this class was Belinda Spiwak, also known as “CrazyArtGirl” and is a fellow moderator on the Quilting Arts website with me.  Belinda is a fabulous altered art artist, and has been featured in many books, magazines, and even on TV!
This technique starts off with Tulip Brand fabric spray paints (in eco friendly and non smelly pump bottles).  The best part is accumulating the stencils in which to “tag” your fabric.  
The process takes no time at all, lay your stencils down and spray away.  The “overspray” of the edges are your stencil just add to the graffiti effect. Belinda was great to show us to layer the lighter colors on first and and then the dark and/or black colors.  It was quick!  I did 3 large pieces of fabric in under an hour.  She used a canvas type cloth, but how fun would this be to over dye existing “ugly” commercial fabrics or even a t-shirt!

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Home from the quilt show

And boy are my feet tired!  I promise a bunch of goodie posts this week, including the “What the heck did I buy at the show” show and tell and “what the heck did I make at the show” show and tell, and even a technique of the week that was learned right there at the IQA festival, and it’s something you might really love like I do.

But for right now, I am super tired from both this and the comic book event right before it, so I am off to dreamland and will get the first of my posts up for you to read tomorrow.  Later!

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The wrap-up from the PNQE show

I recieved my quilt and my ribbon almost two days after the show closed, so that was incredibly fast and efficient. My quilt arrived in perfect condition, and that was a huge relief.
I also received my judging sheet, and my judge comments were all positive.
Just the other day I received the last portion of the PNQE entry, my check for the cash prize.
And with that, my first quilt show entry is complete. I have to say I’d do it again.

Now, if my muse would just come back, I’d get to work on my next show entry. I have some ideas but the design is still not yet in my grasp. I’ve had 2 weekends in a row without much quilting work at all, and no inspiration either. Next week I will be at a show for work, and afterward I’ll have a long time before any other trips, so I hope my muse comes back from her vacation refreshed.

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