Someone’s masterpiece

Of all of the items in the bag of “cutter” quilts scraps I got, none were as sad as this one.
This is one half of two hand pieced applique bows and flowers bouquets that remained. I imagine this quilt was a bed sized piece with lots of this motif repeated throughout.
What’s even more shocking is the tiny tiny crosshatch quilting around the bow.
This was someone’s masterpiece. Hand appliqued and quilted. Now it’s all cut up.
This turned out to be a good theme for this month, as the trip to NYC and a horrible horrible head cold sidelined a lot of quilting for me this month.
March also looks full, with another work trip, my guild’s quilt show, and much more. Exciting!

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On the mend

It’s rotten to be sick, and this cold really knocked me for a loop. I was so drained, I thought sewing this weekend would be impossible.

Luckily, I felt ok enough to sew a bit today, so I got a couple of things done.
I also found a few minutes to scan everything I have done lately for your viewing pleasure.
These monsters were so freaking cute to do. I can definitely see patterns for these in the future.

These ATCs are for trades I’m involved in over at

Lastly these are November’s theme, fall leaves. Anotehr topic suggested by the DH. Those perfect leaves are silk leaves bought from a craft store.

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You know you’re old when…

Getting a cold seems to sap the life out of you… I have a major cold and it’s really doing a number on me. I had the flu this year also. I never used to get sick when I worked in an office, and now that I work from home I get sick all the time! The worst part about being sick right now is that I had lots of things planned for this weekend and now I know I won’t get much of them done because I feel so awful.

I have a lot of updates coming, and a lot of projects planned before the year is out. I hope i can get to them in time. I know you will love the October themed weekly quilts when I get time to scan and upload them, they are really really cute.

I can remember when I would get a cold and be over it in 2 days. Now, not so much…

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