My turn on the My Family Quilt Blog Hop!

QUILTS everyone!Well, readers, I am the last stop on the “My Family Quilt” Blog Hop.  Let me show you a few quilts from my family.

Louisa Busch

Louisa Busch. If she had a Facebook, I hope this would be her profile picture.

This is Louisa Henrietta Busch.  She’s my great grandmother in law.  See, my family doesn’t have any quilters that I know of.  My grandfather was a wonderful tailor, and could sew pretty much anything, and was actually big into plastic canvas sewing for a while.  My grandmother made some baby quilts for my younger brothers and sisters and cousins, but even then she wasn’t what I would call a “quilter”.  Nope, the first hardcore quilter I had ever come across was my husband’s great grandmother, who I never got to meet, but is rolling in hot tied-quilt style here in this picture.

picture of an old picture

My husband’s family are the crafter’s/maker’s/homesteader’s dream. Got a hole in that beautiful caned chair? No worries, we can fix that. Hooked rugs, porcelain dolls, weaving rugs (the braided and on a loom kinds BOTH), cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, crochet, macrame, basket weaving, or make a broom?  These ladies have you covered.  Aunt Beck, Aunt Idie, and Aunt Ruth were Grammie’s sisters (Hilda Viola Ely).  The four of them were an ever expanding resource of crafting. They could make ANYTHING. We have lots of things that they did make in our home, and it’s wonderful.My family quilts

Back to great grandma.  She’s the queen of tied quilts made out of whatever fabric she has on hand.  So when I come into the family in 1996, I ended up marrying the owner of a couple of of her tied quilts.  When I taught myself how to quilt, my first big quilts were tied, just like hers.  The two quilts on the right in the picture above are hers.  That grey checkered 9 patch was modern before ladies knew what modern quilting was.  This blue and yellow one on the left was made by me, but we tied it on her antique old quilt frame rails that she made her quilts on. (Insert time machine noises to take you back to the year 2000…)


Me, and my MIL, Beth

I pieced the quilt specifically to tie as a family.  Aunt Beck and Grammie were the only sisters left, and they called a bunch of fiends and relatives to come tie the quilt.  Here is a picture of all of us from that day.

Grammie, Aunt Beck, and me

Aunt Beck, me, and Grammie (Hilda)

So in the end I didn’t come from a family of quilters, but I married into a family of Makers, and they sure taught me a lot. I’m thrilled to have two of great grandma’s quilts, and to have had family help tie a few memories into my own.
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What I bought in Houston

It’s a tradition of mine to post the stuff that I spent my money on in Houston to feed my fabric and thread addiction.  Here’s the stuff I bought while at the Houston Show!

MMM thread.  I had all of the brights of this line of Superior thread, and it’s time to fill in the rest of the colors.
Yummy fabrics from Friestyle (Frieda Anderson) and matching dyed thread from Artfabrik (Laura Wasilowski).
Oh Cherrywood dyed fabrics… how I love thee.  You have outgrown your storage bin and these need to evict other fabric so that they can all live together.
I love these tokidoki style prints.  I have absolutely NO idea what I will make out of them, but I love them.
More awesome Japanese-kawaii (cute) fabrics.  Yum!

More that just were too cute to resist. All of these fabrics in the last 3 pictures came from the same booth!
The show if full of booths with all kinds of wonderful things, and sometimes you find a treasure.  I loved the Victorian era buttons turned into earrings, and just HAD TO HAVE the same period gold mourning brooch. It’s the perfect thing to wear in my “Creepy Victorian” parlor room!  
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Here, take my handkerchief. Never, at any crisis of your life, have I known you to have a handkerchief.” 
– Rhett Butler, Gone With The Wind

There is precisely one box of tissues in my house.  It’s for my husband or any guests.  That’s because a couple of years ago I switched to using handkerchiefs instead of tissues.  This is only some of my collection.  I love how pretty some of them are, and I admit shuffling the nicer ones to the bottom of the pile if I can’t bear to blow my nose on them. 
I’m always on the look out for pretty little hankies to add to my pile.  I will someday make a nice box for them to all sit in.
I guess the only other tissues I carry are those little ones in my purse in case of “emergencies”.  Once in an airport I saw a woman crying, and having had an airport meltdown or two myself, I reached into my purse and didn’t have anything to offer her.  Now I keep those tissues just in case. 

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