Walking in Memphis

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Memphis TN for the comic book industry job I have. Be there through Sunday. Missing my brother’s birthday and my sister’s candle party…

My back is not fully recovered so no sewing has happened in the studio. Lots of reading and crocheting, but little sewing. The ideas are building up, and the big IQA show in Chicago is looming with all kinds of ideas and classes to take and money to spend there…

I am teaching my Fiber Art Divas group how to make the Yo Yo Flowers (sorry for those of you still waiting on the pattern). I’ll let you know how it goes. This is just coming off of teaching it as a half hour demo at the Riverwalk Quilt Guild’s Gathering show.

I have a project to take with me on the plane, but we’ll see how much gets done. I may just nap instead.

In the meantime, I submitted one of my sad February quilts for a “ghost for a ghost” project over on Astulabee’s Blog and Flickr page. Go check it out!

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What I did on my Winter Break…

Picture heavy!

Our tree, with my gifts under it.
Bastet, doing what I did on vacation, lounging around.
One of my Art Quilt Workbook exercises, finally done.
The project from the workshop presented by Rosalie Dace, called “Close Up”. This is some bacteria magnified a bazillion times.
My version of “close up” was Pomegranate seeds.
And the Cloth, Paper, Scissors article on making these snowmen was just too cute to pass up. The bottles are small plastic shampoo bottles from all of the hotels I went to and used up this year. I pulled these bottles out of the trash thinking they would be good for beads or pins, and found a better use for them. I recycled!
More to come! Lots of cool stuff coming up!

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Getting back to normal

I know I have been away for a bit. I know I said I would run a giveaway last week, but life intervened. I’ve been dealing with a family crisis for a couple of weeks now, both in a “hands-on, getting things taken care of” way, and a “why can’t I think about anything else” kind of way.
I did take some time to go to Judy Coates Perez’s wonderful Fiesta Ornaments class this past weekend, and it was great fun. You can read about it on both Judy’s blog, and my friend Catherine’s blog too. I really like taking classes with my friends, and Judy is a great teacher.

I plan to run the giveaway next week, just in time for the holiday spirit, of which I could use some. The tree is up, but not decorated other than lights, and I don’t have much energy to get it done.

Tonight I spent hours winding a box full of tangled embroidery threads onto floss card bobbins… Just could not do much else that required thinking. I also spent an hour cleaning my studio, which has not really recovered from the weekend class supply “grab” and coming back from Baltimore. I did finally remove the suitcase out of the room… Shows how behind I am on everything.

For something quilty, the above is a custom Spencerian script that was made of my name and turned into a rubber stamp. It was made by Victorian Trading Co., whom I love and have been using to slowly decorate my front “parlor”. I plan to use the stamp on the labels of my quilts using permanent stamp pad ink.

My next few posts will show all the STUFF I have made lately, I think you’ll like it.

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You know you’re old when…

Getting a cold seems to sap the life out of you… I have a major cold and it’s really doing a number on me. I had the flu this year also. I never used to get sick when I worked in an office, and now that I work from home I get sick all the time! The worst part about being sick right now is that I had lots of things planned for this weekend and now I know I won’t get much of them done because I feel so awful.

I have a lot of updates coming, and a lot of projects planned before the year is out. I hope i can get to them in time. I know you will love the October themed weekly quilts when I get time to scan and upload them, they are really really cute.

I can remember when I would get a cold and be over it in 2 days. Now, not so much…

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Feeling like Death

Or “death warmed over”. Ick. I have the flu, and it’s horrible and nasty. I ache like I have never ached before, and my throat is on fire. At work, we joke about having “daggers in my throat” which some poor soul called in with once as his excuse for not coming in. But I really feel tiny daggers, or needles, or what-not, in my throat…
I’m sure I caught the plague from travelling so much, and the recent trip to Vegas. Ugh. So tired. Yes, mom….I went to the doctor, and yes, mom…. I have been resting, and eating.
Anyway, I haven’t scanned the last couple of quilts, which I hope to do tomorrow. I hope to be somewhat vertical by tomorrow too.
And to top it off, we got water in our basement from the Chicagoland are flood ing that is going on. I haven’t been able to help the hubby witht he clean up because I’m so sick. When it rains….

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