Maybe I need a quilting mentor

At the beginning of the year I was asked if one of my recent works was for sale.  I offered to make a similar piece, and the commission was accepted.  I was very excited to be doing this.  
But it has got me thinking about where this whole crazy art train is headed.  I keep thinking of when my DH painted Games Workshop figures as a side job.  We made good money doing it, but eventually he felt he took his beloved “hobby” and made it like “work”, a chore.  After one last big commission he chose to stop taking them, and has been happily painting his figures for himself ever since.  
I certainly don’t want to get to that point. 
But I have been thinking about the directions I want to take this in, even if it’s for a short time.  The LED quilt was (and still is) very popular.  I was recently asked if I would teach a class on making mini art quilts.  I also recently took some time to explain about what mini quilts are, how working weekly helps me grow, and was told this would be a great lecture to shop around to local guilds.   And now there’s commissions.  Etsy allows you to post samples and make items to order, which is what this was in essence.  So many directions…
I have a ton of quilt artists I admire, but the fact is that they are all full time quilt artists.  I am not.  I doubt that quilting could ever make the same financially as my full time job. So maybe I need a mentor to help me get my feet wet part-time?  Hmmm.

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Studio Makeover Update

Seems like slow going for my makeover, partly because I’m working in the studio at the same time to make it pretty. 

I have a couple of updates to show:

The design wall that was pinkfoam in this update is now covered with the nicest anti-pill fleece.  I planned to use flannel or batting, but then changed my mind as it always seemed to do two things: get stuff stuck into it and also beard onto stuff I put on the wall.  That meant a lot of cleaning the wall off or the work off, and the anti-pill fleece saved me from both.  When threads get stuck to the wall, I use one of these “cotton pickers” to wipe them off! 

The other project is the walk in closet.  It’s still a mess, but getting there.  I keep buying plastic bins to corral items into some semblance of order, and I’m officially out of room for those.  That means a “pare down” or “combining” needs to happen.  

I added this family antique lamp to help with lighting on this end of the room.  I found a great lighting solution for overall light, but for now, task lights have to do.

It’s getting a lot closer to being done.  But here’s a question:  These butterflies were painted on by the lady who used to live here.  Should I outline them?  Or leave them in their weird painted state?

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Book Your Lecture Today!

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