The wedding flowers

I wanted to make sure I had proper permission from my sister’s wedding photographer before sharing these lovely pictures with you. This is what took up the whole summer and derailed the Technique of the Week plans. 

The prettiest bride EVAR!!!
Yep, I made those.
And these… and the boutonnieres.  The flower girl’s flower has removable petals, it’s the one on the right…
It was a great wedding!
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The Light at the End of the Tunnel…

No No… it’s not an oncoming train…  The summer from hell is almost over.  I promise that next year I will not be so busy!  I wanted to post a picture of what it is that I have been working on since my sabbatical from the Techniques of the Week.  These are the flowers for my sister’s wedding in mid August.  She wanted to have fantasy flowers for her wedding, and these are shaping up really nicely.  The roses are the only ones that are time consuming to make.  I love the lilies, they have been great to work on. They will go together pretty fast.  I can’t wait to show you what the final bouquets and corsages look like!

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