July’s weekly theme is Japanese dolls

I love Japanese culture. I especially love the idea of Kawaii (Cute) and Zakka (Simple living). This week’s doll is a daruma doll. I first learned about these from a Nohohon Zoku special edition I have that was made as a gift for “good luck with studying for tests”. The idea of the daruma doll is that the doll comes with white eyes. You make a wish, and fill in the one eye. When your wish comes true, you fill in the other eye and hang proudly in your home. I made my wish and sewed in the one eye. If my wish comes true, I will fill in the other eye and post it finished here.

I like this kawaii version of the daruma so much that I might offer it as a pattern. What do you think?
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Last of the June Weeklies

June turned into a long month. It has 5 weekends in it, making my weekly quilt project have an extra June quilt. After travelling so much for work, this theme ended up being a blessing. This week’s is squared off filler quilting, as the rest of the month of June was all curves. It was also the only black background, with a nice light pink thread. July should be lots of fun with the theme I have picked out.
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Recycling from IQA Chicago

My weekly quilt this week is firmly on the theme of “recycled” for April. As I described on my earlier post about the show, and the “Surviving the Runway” luncheon, I took some of the scraps on the table to use in this week’s quilt. I think this makes a perfect memento of the event, and our win for our table team.

Used here are tissue paper, a bingo card, a paper doily, gesso, pink paint to take down the bingo card color, ink from a stamp pad in the prize pack I won, and Wright’s hem tape used on our model, that was origianlly grey but I dyed with pomegranate juice. Too bad this is not 5×5 inches (my weekly quilts are 6×6) or I would enter it into Quilting Art’s current reader challenge!
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Recap of International Quilt Festival Chicago

I did so much, it’s hard to remember it all.

First off, here is week 14’s weekly quilt, before I forget. The center is a scrap of fabric we played around with during QuiltingArts’ Make it U class at the end of last year’s show. Also, some silk rods I bought at last year’s show in the corners.

This year’s show had lots of classes lined up, and I hope to do more like this again. The Thursday preview was worth it, as I bought the majority of my purchases then. I also got into the two Make It U classes I signed up for on this day. Since these moved to a lottery system, Thursday is the best bet to get in.

Friday, I attended the reception hosted for QuiltArt.com email list and SAQA members by Karey Bresenhan and the IQA. I met fellow quilt artists at my table, got to see the famous tiara parade (which I will do next year), and also a beautiful 1860’s silk quilt that was on it’s way to a museum. It was a lovely event, and thanks to the lovely Karey for hosting it.

That same evening, I attended the very difficult to get into Friday Night Sampler, and those teachers were amazing. From Thermofax and gesso silk screening, to mosiac fusing, and other great classes, I learned so much in those 2 hours.

Saturday, I took a make-it-take-it on a felt flower pin, looked at all of the lovely art quilts and journal quilts, and shopped some more. I also met up with 2 fellow ATCers from my favorite ATC site, ATCards.com. I also took my dyeing fabric in the microwave class, and made some great fabric. I was lucky to get into the second most sought after class, the Saturday Night Sampler. This evening was just as good, but the highlight was elinor peace bailey. She is such a joy to listen to, so inspiring, and it was nothing to do with technique. Her art journal was amazing to look at, and I am so glad that I took this class just so I could have met her. She reminds me of JoMomma, my MIL, except elinor had pink hair.

This is a piece of lutradur and collaged background in a Make It U class tought by Patricia “Pokey” Bolton of Quilting Arts. I love how it turned out.

Finally, Week 15. It’s a quilting template I bought in 1997 that I traced and filled in with Fabrico fabric markers. I quilted it by hand, since I was away from my machine and needed to have something to do by handwork. You can see my pencil marking lines, which I will erase.

Before the show I went to quiltfabric.com, which will soon be my local shop, and Susan Marie’s, a shop near my dad’s house. Both stores were a delight, and at quiltfabric.com, even though the owner was getting ready for the show, was pleasant and very nice.

I left most of my bounty in Chicago with my DH and DF since I will be relocating there in 2 weeks, but I cannot wait to start making things with all of the great ideas I have in my head from attending the show.

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Hello…hello again

I like this local radio station alot called Jack FM. It plays mostly 80’s stuff, which I love, but also throws in a few 70’s and 90’s tunes. Today, it was really in gear, and played “Hello again” by the Cars. Holy electronica! I had forgotten all about this song, and how much I liked it! (Did you know Rick Ocasek is from Baltimore? I didn’t either until I moved here.)
Anyway, I was jamming to Jack FM while making this thing. I was trying a technique from a book called “Fabric Leftovers”, of which I have tons, so was a perfect book for me. This is rug canvas. Yup, that stuff you make hooked rugs out of. I actually BOUGHT some and used it on this. It was too stripey for my tastes, so I put the big round sequins on. Too bad you can’t see them sparkle on this scan. They look nice. Yes, that is some of the rug canvas in the bottom right sticking out. There is no batting in this, just a backing sewn on. Also, I bought stripped fabric to use on this square, which is why it’s so matchy-matchy, and defeated the purpose of using “fabric leftovers”….
Yes, this square is done really early. I spent all day out of the house so it could be shown, and came back and banged this out in an hour and a half. Guess I’m bored.

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