I’m Flossy

The last of the hip hop word theme quilts. “Flossy” means flashy or showy. I did enjoy working with all of the various fonts in my computer. Even Fergie is “flossy, flossy”….

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Return from Vegas

I did not win any “guap” in Vegas. Ah well… Sorry for this rambling post.

This week’s hip hop word was a no-brainer. Hey shorty, it’s your birthday…
It’s a ton of birthdays in March and April for us.
There are 5 weekends in March, so one more week of the “words” theme. What theme should I do next?
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Radio in hand, snacks by feet!

“Guap” is money, a lot of it, according to www.UrbanDictionary.com (not safe for work or kids). I like this quilt, with it’s faux leopard spot/camo look, “Spray on Military” style font, and some hand stitched bling. Green for St. Patrick’s Day too.
I don’t consider myself really “with it”, but I do listen to B-96 (96.3 FM) which is Chicago’s Hit’s and Hip Hop station. I have been listening to this station since the late 70’s. I even won tickets to see a concert when I was calling to request a song. The concert? Lionel Ritchie’s Dancing on the Ceiling Tour. The song I was calling to request? Run DMC’s “You Be Illin’“. So it’s listening to this station that I have heard all of these words. Thank you hip-hop station, and sister’s 6th grade class, that helps weed out the words that are too dirty…

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For real this time…

I have been travelling for work, so I apologize for being away from my blog. I was in Orlando at MegaCon, a really neat comic book convention, in which I met a bunch of cool creators and artists, and tried to sell the heck out of the program my company wrote.

This is the paper quilt entry I submitted to Quilting Arts/Cloth Paper Scissors for their “true colors” challenge. It was not accepted for either the magazine or the show in Chicago. I was a bit disappointed, because I used a paper technique I learned from Patricia “Pokey” Bolton herself at last year’s show, but in the end, I know what is wrong with the piece. It will go proudly on my wall and be entered into other shows. More pomegranates.

Next up, this month’s theme. After checking my schedule for this show in Orlando, I knew I would not have much time at all for myself. So I picked the easiest of themes, with the help of those who voted on my poll. I chose “words”, but not just any words… hip hop words.
If you need help defining these lovely words, I would suggest http://www.urbandictionary.com/. However, this site is not child or work friendly, so be warned! (NSFW) My sister works with 6th graders, who have added to her vocabulary, and now mine. I am surprised that 6th graders know what “crunk” is, but I’m apparently out of touch with the younger set.
As for how they were done… I used a technique I learned from Ann Lullie called “The Escape Hatch”, where after stitching all around turn right side out using a cut hole in the backing which you then fuse closed. This made great finished edge pieces for me to quilt using hand stitching. The “bling” quilt is done using what I call “rice” embroidery, and “crunk” is done using good old French knots. The words themselves were designed with Microsoft Publisher’s word art tool, and fussy cut and fused.
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