Kawaii Hina Matsuri

What Japanese doll theme would be complete without Hina Matsuri dolls? This set of dolls of the emperor and empress are brought out for Girl’s day in Japan. I could not find a “kawaii” or “cute” version, so I was on my own for this one. After a few sketches, I found a design I liked. I added sleeves to the emperor because he looked like a shmoo otherwise.

I have lots of vintage kimono fabric, mostly “chirimen” or a rayon material made for kimono and crafts. I fused these down, and was happy with the results. The material did not get hard or stiff as I expected.
So cute!
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July’s weekly theme is Japanese dolls

I love Japanese culture. I especially love the idea of Kawaii (Cute) and Zakka (Simple living). This week’s doll is a daruma doll. I first learned about these from a Nohohon Zoku special edition I have that was made as a gift for “good luck with studying for tests”. The idea of the daruma doll is that the doll comes with white eyes. You make a wish, and fill in the one eye. When your wish comes true, you fill in the other eye and hang proudly in your home. I made my wish and sewed in the one eye. If my wish comes true, I will fill in the other eye and post it finished here.

I like this kawaii version of the daruma so much that I might offer it as a pattern. What do you think?
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Last of the June Weeklies

June turned into a long month. It has 5 weekends in it, making my weekly quilt project have an extra June quilt. After travelling so much for work, this theme ended up being a blessing. This week’s is squared off filler quilting, as the rest of the month of June was all curves. It was also the only black background, with a nice light pink thread. July should be lots of fun with the theme I have picked out.
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On Fire

I’m off to another comic book show this weekend. This time it’s HeroesCon in Charlotte NC. I had to hurry up this week’s quilt to get it done and not have to worry about it on my trip. And guess what? (Chicken butt) 3 days after I return, I’m at another comic book show.
Did you know there are 5 weekends in June? Ugh.
The flames didn’t exactly come out like I wanted. They feel more “Dia de los Muertos” flames. But… It was an experiment, and that’s what these weekly quilts are for!

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There and back again…

The trip to Baltimore was successful, though stressful. I wanted to do so much quilting work this weekend, but slept in until 2pm Saturday and Father’s Day was spent with Dad, so not much was done in reality… So without any further ado, I’ll be making 3 posts with the works I have made these past 2 weeks.

To start, here are the last 2 week’s worth of weekly quilts:

The purple one is “mcTavishing” learned fromt he book and DVD of the same name. I think I needed to use a thicker stitching thread, but in the end, I got the jist of how to do it.
The blue one is a form of baptist fan designs, which I learned from the April/May 2008 issue of Quilting Arts. The article by Frieda Anderson shows how to make this overall design. I thought I had backed myself into a corner a few times, but got out of them each time. One more thing about this design which is a bit interesting is that the design turns around at some point. Look closely enough, you’ll see it.
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