Know when to walk away…know when to run

I stopped work on the Town and Country entry today. It was hard to do. Not for the sense of any “failure” or anything, but I knew what the judging would say was wrong with it, and in order to fix it I would need more time. In essence, I was not happy to continue pushing the entry out if it was not going to be my best work.

However, I will have other entries for other shows ready to enter, so all is not lost. it was the largest of all the projects. When complete, it will be beautiful.
In the meantime, I finished another “pomegranate” quilt. The edges are not that wonky, it just smooshed when the scanner lid pressed the beads.

Not only did I make that and bead it and have fun with the texture of the flesh this weekend, but I finished my ATC for the CYBER FYBER exhibit for Susan Lenz’s show. I am very happy with the card, and hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it.

My sister and I “got our craft on” by making our sweetheart’s Valentines today. Thank you Martha Stewart for your lovely inspiration (honey, don’t click the link). DSister has been doing some awesome embroidery, she totally rocks.
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Tsukineko Inks Workshop

Yesterday, I took a class on Tsukineko Inks taught by Judy Coates Perez. She is a great teacher, and I enjoyed the class very much. It was held at the College of DuPage campus in their arts center, which was a great space to take a class. This was the ink project I worked on during class. I love how it turned out, even though I did not have very many colors of ink. Guess I have something to spend more money on. Judy was so nice, and her work is utterly amazing. I wish I had one smidge of talent as she has for artwork. Her samples were cool, and I don’t know why I was suprised that her works are wholecloth. Duh! Her daughter, Nina, was there, and she’s got amazing talent too!

As I made this pomegranate, I thought back to my ideas from December, when I bought a pomegranate for a series of quilts. That made the decision on February’s theme for my weekly quilts pretty easy. I changed my mind from “heart” or “recycled” to “pomegranates” pretty quickly! I have 2 ideas for the weeklies, and I am sure I can come up with one more. I also wondered how I would outline, as the inks have the tendency to run a little bit, since they are not “paints”. When I got it home, it was obvious to outline the project with black thread. It was still cool unlined, so I took pictures of it beforehand.
Can I name-drop for a second? Also in my class were Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson, and I am sure there were other professionals in the class, but I didn’t realize… It was pretty cool. One day maybe I can quilt full time, but for now, the role I have in the comic book industry is a pretty neat job to have.
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EOL (End of Line)

Ahh, programmer talk… anyway, this is the end of the line theme for January. Everytime I looked up “line” as a principle or element of art, I got line drawings. Now, I guess I could have put this on a different color, making week 2 stick out like a sore thumb, but what’s done is done. I like the drawing, but sewing over the image throught he paper caused the stitches to pull a bit, and caused the “wobbly-ness” of the black thread quilting. Again, it’s done, and I am not going back. I did some other projects this weekend too, and will have posts through out the week to show them off.

I was not as inspired by the BBVD concert as I had hoped to make a quilt this week.

Also, I have until Friday to finish my monthly large themed project that was another New Year’s resolution, but we’ll see how far I get this week, given that tomorrow is my birthday and a Divas art quilting meeting.

So much fun and so little time.
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100th post

Week 3 of my January “line” themed weekly quilt. Even I am impressed by this one. Sketched during Project Runway’s “En Garde” episode, which was a very good episode, and lots of good sketches came out of it. Who would have guessed “Line” could be so cool? DH calls the lines UFOs landing. I said “Or are they taking off?”

This is the 100th post on this little blog of mine. I’ll be posting a little more often, hopefully, in the next couple of months.

My Town and Country project is coming along. The major piecework is 99% finished. Next the applique. Then, in February, it is quilted. I sure wish I could show you a picture, but that’s breaking the rules…

I am going to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy on the 24th at the House of Blues with my sister, should be a great time, and I hope to sketch afterwards for some inspiration.

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Whoop Whoop!

This week’s line quilt is inspired by my Diva’s group current project and also my “line” theme for this month. The Diva’s are working on song inspired works, where you put pen to paper and use that as your basis for a quilt project. I missed the meeting where this was worked on, so this is my interpretation.

The song I used is “Calabria 2007” by Enur Feat. Natasha. You can hear a clip here. The song is catchy, I had it on constant repeat for a while and came up with this quilt.
I’m working on my entry for the Town and Country contest for the IQA. It’s going slowly. I could not find my Color E-Valu-ator, which helps me see color values. Another lost item in the house. So I ran over to in Darien to see if they had one, which they didn’t, but they did have a Ruby Beholder. Similar concept, a piece of red plastic to look through. When I got home, I found my Color E-Valu-ator within about 10 minutes. Now if only I could find my Color and Composition book that easily… The Color E-Valu-ator is better, as it also has a green piece of plastic to look through, which is very helpful on warm colors. The show piece is coming along nicely.
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