Star Wars Quiltlet 2- Light Up Jawa

This weekly quilt is actually being given away to a lucky friend who likes Star Wars, specifically R2D2 and Jawas.  As I was making light up projects, said friend was encouraging and I thought this would make a great birthday present, which is next week. Happy Birthday!

You can make this with a kit from my shop!  Click here to buy one today!

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Weekly Quilts – February’s theme

I’m a geek.  I’m also a nerd.  Possibly a dweeb.  But one thing is for sure.  I have always loved Star Wars.  My husband is a bigger Star Wars fan than I am.  And we both love Darth Vader.
This month’s themed quilts are all Star Wars!  I hope you enjoy this mini Vader.

Wait til you see the rest! Stay tuned all this month! (I just realized I hadn’t posted the rest of the “rabbit” quilts from January! Yikes!  I will get right on that.)

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New Weekly Quilts and January’s theme

While I finish up the Technique of the Week weekly quilt series (due in no small part to my crazy summer schedule), I did decide (with all of your help) to go back to monthly changing themes for my weekly quilts in this new larger 8 x 8 inch size.
It was comforting to be back to sketching out ideas in my sketchbook, planning out ideas for this and future months.  I also like how these looked in their groups on my website as I posted them.  It’s nice to take a theme and stretch it out to it’s furthest possibilities, and this coupled with the small size, is a nice exercise.
So, that all being said, January’s theme is the same as the Japanese New Year animal, the rabbit (usagi).  For this first one I made this Japanese feel work with my Cherrywood dye fabrics.  It’s a soothing scene for the beginning of the year and feels good after the chaos that was 2010 (both good and bad).

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