My DVD is here!

Well, this special day has arrived… the one where my DVDs showed up and I got to hold one in my hot little hands.


I wasn’t really expecting them, so I wasn’t dressed for the occasion! ha ha Anyway, I had been sent proofs of the cover and back covers already, so I knew what it would look like mostly. But it was pretty cool to finally get them and crack one open to see what the insides looked like.

InsidespicI have to say I like how pretty the cover looks and seeing my name screened onto the DVD itself was a special thrill.

If you are interested in getting one directly from me, these are now available in my shop. I can include a signed card for you to insert inside your DVD cover.

face with dvdIt’s been an exciting ride to have something so “real” with your name on it. It was a lot of hard work, practice, and fretting. Having a product with my name on it was a big “bucket list” goal of mine for my quilt business, and it’s finally here.

So much is going on lately, and I have big news and fun stuff planned for the next two weeks. Stay tuned, everyone!

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Quilting ISN’T Funny… It’s Hilarious

Megan Dougherty (a.k.a. the Bitchy Stitcher) interviewed me WAAAY way back in July of 2011 on Light Up Quilting for a new little website called Generation Q.  But before that she was the humor columnist for Quilter’s Home, you know, the magazine that had an issue come polybagged and that a major store refused to carry?  Megan’s sense of humor, and this style of guerrilla quilt reporting appealed to my sensibilities. THESE WERE MY KIND OF PEOPLE.

If you have ever tried to explain to a non-quilter that your hobby/profession/passion is “quilting” (“No, really, I’m a ‘quilter'”) then you know the kind of comedy that can ensue.

Megan's awesome bookMegan has written a great book full of her humor pieces from magazines and a few new ones too.  It’s really great.  I laughed out loud, and got that look from my husband of “what the hell are you reading, I hope it’s not smut again”.  It’s like she wrote this just for me, with quilt guild minutes that seem like she was in the room during my quilt guild presidency, and how quilting will be essential during the upcoming zombie apocalypse. She takes the stuffiness I have all too often run into in quilting and turned it on it’s head.  I loved it.

RDxIn honor of Megan’s fabulous book, WHICH YOU SHOULD GO BUY RIGHT THIS INSTANT, I am giving away a Red DELUXE LED Sewing Kit.  And then you can flip to page 132 and make your very own Black Sabbath quilt that lights up.  Or you know, just make the zombie version in the kit.  Your choice.

To win, here’s the rules:
1.  Think hard about going and buying Megan’s book.  Really it’s great and you won’t regret it.  Go HERE.
2.Please only enter one time.  Multiple entries will be disqualified. (Comments are moderated, so you won’t see your entry online right away)
3. You must leave me a way to contact you, so please leave your valid email address when leaving a comment.
4. The drawing will be open until Dec 26th at 5:00 PM CST.
5. The winner will be chosen randomly the evening of Dec 26th.  Check back to see if you are the winner!

Now go check out the rest of the blog tour too!

The winner has been selected, CLICK HERE to see who won!

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EVERYTHING in the shop on SALE!!


I’m having a Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sale through 12/3/13 in the shop!  Get 25% off your entire purchase!!


Use the coupon code CYBER2013 at the checkout to save 25% off!!!

This coupon is good for LED kits and Embroidery patterns. Don’t forget that some of these items ship FREE year round!

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A Quilted Doily for my Haunted Parlor

The doily in the parlor. I have been having a ball with my Slice Die Cutting Machine, and this little project was so much fun.  The Monster Ball design card has some of the cutest little creepy creatures, but I especially fell in love with this hand coming out of some graves.  I thought about what to make out of it, when I was walking through my parlor (also known as the living room) and thought about making a quilted doily.


Getting ready to quilt!

I have a bazillion crocheted doilies, but I wanted this to be different. So I made it like you would any other quilted item, but I cut it in an oval shape and overlock stitched the edges on my sewing machine.  (I’ll post a tutorial on my overlocked quilt bindings later this month)  Then I sewed on some black lace for it to have a real “doily” feel.  If you want to see something else I made with my Slice Machine, check out one of the little Monsters I made a while back.

img030The date is the year my husband and I were married.  Before you think this is the death of us, I’ll mention we were married on Halloween!  It’s the perfect addition to my living room, which is in “haunted mansion” decor year round.  This was a great easy project that I finished in about 2 hours, and it’s great for the upcoming Halloween season!

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The "other" artwork for the article in QA

I did a total of 10 ATCs for the Quilting Arts article, and some (rightfully so) didn’t make the cut.  I was very partial to the zombie and the robot, so those being in the article make me very happy.  The cupcake is a reworked design I did for someone online who didn’t follow through on her trade and I got the card back.  
Sadly, green LEDs in this voltage do not light up too brightly.  That’s why I think that though the holiday tree and the UFO are awesome, they don’t work well for print.  
So, seeing all of these ideas… what design would you put lights into? 

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