Cats and quilts, part 2

This is Vermithraxis, Destroyer of Worlds. We got her and her litter-mate, Lillith, in July of 2006. Vermi is a non-quilting cat. My other two girls will lay on quilts, piecework that is on the floor, or need to test drive a quilt as many cats do. But not my Vermi. In fact, she doesn’t like laying on the t-shirt quilt I gave my husband in 2005, but I suspect that this is because of the “plastic” feel of the fronts of the shirts, rather than a disdain for my artwork.
Vermi makes a dash for the quilt studio every time the door is opened, but after a minute of sniffing around, she’s done. She has little interest in quilts, unlike her sister and Bastet.
(Vermithraxis was a name my husband and I picked out long ago for a future cat, and thought it would be an evil name for a child. A Google search will show that Vermithrax is the name of the dragon in Dragonslayer, the movie. We added the “-is” to make it more evil.)