Cincinnati- Day 1

Catherine and I were up early and made fantastic time to Cincinnati for IQF!  
After we dropped off our bags and parked the car, we headed to Fountain Square for some food and took pictures of the weird fountain that is the centerpiece of the Cincinnati Downtown area.
It really is a weird fountain!
We registered for some classes and off to Preview night we went!
Well, we did a good job getting separated from our money.  Check out Catherine’s wool stash and other bits she picked up on Preview night.
I came with a few lists of specifics to pick up, like Cherrywood Fabrics and Superior Threads.  And the other amazing bits I picked up too, so much fun.  
We did a cursory view of the quilts and off to the bar we went for our nightcap. Many people stopped Catherine to ask about her fabulous felted handbag, which I will show tomorrow.  It’s so beautiful!
More tomorrow from the taping and much more!!