Cincinnati- Day 2

Today was a good day.  No.  Today was a GREAT day!
My taping for my segment on Quilting Arts TV was today!  I was thrilled to be asked and I was so happy this day was finally here.  I got there early and watched part of the set up.
Pokey and I did our thing in one take!!!  I have ZERO recollection of anything I said so if I made a mistake, I’m sorry!!
I spent a good amount of time on the show floor afterwards and I got to shop and see all of the quilts.  I didn’t have time tonight to take a picture of my show and tell purchases but I will tomorrow!
I needed a break and sat for a while and saw a wonderful lecture by Nysha Nelson on Inspiration and Nerve, which I really enjoyed.
I reconnected with my friend Catherine after her Noriko Endo class and we headed back to the hotel for a much needed break.   After all, the party was about to begin!!
We danced, drank, and generally had a great time.  I feel like my friends were missing (Judy, Melly, Sally, Lindsey and Helen!) but we made the best of it and had a nice time.

I’m exhaustedand need to sign up for a class tomorrow bright and early so it’s off to bed with me, and more tomorrow!!