Cincinnati- Day 3

Boy did we wake up tired on Day 3 after all of that dancing.  For me, my head was still swimming!  

I decided to take a class today since I had really gone through the show floor on Thursday and Friday.  I signed up for a class by the “Zipper Queen” Jamie Fingal, whose heavy metal works really speak to me, and the amazing Leslie Tucker Jenison, whose mixed media work and art quilts inspire me so much. 

Our class was called “Musical Chairs: A Painted Canvas Adventure”.  The idea is that you rotate around a canvas and continue to add to it, and then cut the canvas up into sections to use.  You get a little bit of each person’s work! Here’s our class and one of two canvasses.  Yes, that’s Pokey Bolton in the class too!!

Here’s some more shots of the canvasses.

One of the nice things about the afternoon was the ability to sit and talk with Jamie and Leslie while we cut up the canvas pieces we got.  It was a real treat.

After our class, Catherine and I met back up to go to our Saturday Sampler class and had a good time learning from 16 teachers about various topics. 

Finally  it was dinner time, and we wound down pretty quickly.  We had to pack, and I had these leftover paper towels from the class that were just too cool to throw away, but they were wet, so I ironed them.

Catherine thought this was funny and I’m borrowing the picture from her blog!