Cincinnati International Quilt Festival

I feel like I’m late posting my update from the Cincinnati show, but the past few weeks have been just insane with how busy they have been.  The comic book event I attended downtown in Chicago butted right up against the trip to the quilt show, but it was worth the harried and frazzled nerves for the fun that I had!

The view I left to get to Cincinnati before the Welcome party started! A 5 hour drive later, we were in Cincinnati!  

First order of business, visit with my quilt, Road To Home, which is on the second to last stop on it’s tour. 

Well before the Welcome party was underway, with a great band called After Midnight.  We danced like crazy!! And someone said to me “Are you Muppin?” which always makes my day. (Thanks, Bob! It was great to meet you too!)

Catherine and I getting ready to get our party on.  Judy Coates Perez was also hanging out with us!  See pictures of us on her blog too!

After-party beers and chocolate caramel desserts in the hotel bar, where we got to see folks there for the National Tattoo Association Convention!  They were fun, we got invited to a party, but I was way too tired…  (ha ha)

 Just some of the loot I got by spending just a couple hours on the show floor. What do you not see here?  A table that I bought for my studio!  Yes, a super fancy table is coming in 6 weeks!

I was so happy to see my friend Pokey in her new role with the International Quilt Festival as Chief Creative Officer!  Congrats, Pokey!!  

You have to see the modern quilts done by the Modern Quilt Guild of Cincinnati…  So awesome!  We could not stay for their party, but their display was so inspiring.  Click on their member blogs on their sidebar and check out the exhibit pics.

After this photo, Catherine and I hoofed it back with our loot to the hotel and drove the 5 hours back to Chicagoland.  It rained and it’s a long drive, but worth it!  I met an awesome quilter on line for Starbucks who has a blog called 52 Quilts in 52 weeks!  Sounds like me and my little weekly quilts, right?  Check her blog out!