ComicCon International and inspiration file

Back from San Diego Comic Con where I worked a great many hours and caught whatever the fellow booth mates had.

I beaded this weekly quilt while there, having finished the main work on Tuesday evening before flying out the next morning.

There are some amazing artists out there, and all were so different. I met quite a few.

Here are a bunch of artists I met while at the ComicCon.

The fine folks at Slave Labor Graphics (including my buddy Dan Vado, to whom I dedicate my chicken hat)

Erica Vess (related to Charles Vess)

CJ Metzger at her “ArtistSisters” booth

Nan Kim and her adorable art

Eric Davison and his squid art

Stephanie Roberts’ fairie paintings

Lark Pien (whose little bat watercolors I bought)

Brain Ewing, whose stuff is amazing

Darryl Young and amazing color use at

the adorable art of Fomato

Andrew Bawidamann and some of the most beautiful pinup that is actually tasteful

Mari Inukai – beautiful paintings-

Rochelle Heagh Phister and her dark art at cute bags and sewn stuff!

Lucien Shapiro and his creepy sculptures at

Gris Grimly, whose desins I adore

Love the girls from the Tired Girl Collective

Christina Benavides (whose small watercolor furry animal painting I bought) @

The Toxic Toon Team at

The changing portraits at

And in the airport…Jesse Hernandez

So what else did I see that inspired me?

The TokiDoki booth

Kokeshki Ink, from Spicy Brown

So much, and I have so many ideas now. To the sketchbook, Robin….