Countdown to Houston

Tick tock!  I hope you will come by the Quilting Arts booth and see me during Open Studios on Saturday and Sunday!
I’m packing like a madman and making designs for my Open Studios table to show you something really really cool.
This picture is a hint as to what it is! 
As far as my table goes, I’m planning to show the 3 pieces that were just picked up from my local show, and will be the subject of blog posts that will auto post while I am away.  I have some acrylic document stands I got from OfficeMax that I will use to show the work upright, I just need to cover them in fleece.  I will have a blog post about that shortly too!

And when Houston is over, my dear readers, I will return with a mighty vengeance to the Technique of the Week’s until all 52 are made.