Holy moley is it nuts over here.  I’ll give you a brief update… 

I was out of town for New York Comic Con, and then my father has surgery on his knee.  He’s convalescing at my house while I am trying not only to work full time but work on my gallery show pieces for the end of the month.  The quilt guild I am president of is having a small quilt auction, and my mother in law is coming to visit at the end of the month as well.  Just after that is Houston, the IQA show.  WOW.

Nuts, right?  But that’s life for you. I do indeed plan to get back to weekly techniques and more very soon.  Please bear with me.(Or sympathize with my husband who has to put up with me.) 
PS. Not sure why I tagged this as Chickens, but that’s how crazy it is over here! 🙂