Day 1 – Welcome to another 31 days of blogging and a special 12 days of Christmas!

Hello. Today is Dec 1st, and that means I’m doing 31 days of blogging for the sixth year straight! I’m excited to do something positive for myself and this woefully neglected blog.

Which it should not be as neglected as it is, because really my entire career started because of my blog. Way back in 2006, I started posting about my quilts and adventures, and well….. here I am.

But you need to head over to the list of other amazing bloggers who have joined and maybe you will find your new (second) favoritest quilter. 🙂

I’m excited to announce today the 12 days of Christmas specials on my website. These are items that are on super discount just for the day, and then the next day a new item is added! Today’s item is the Not Your Grandmother’s Quilter Mug.


It’s going to be an amazing month with so many cool announcements and specials and things going on. Hold on to your butts. I’m just getting started.