Day 10 – My First and Latest Quilts

It’s a bad picture, but it’s not the greatest quilt, either. I will say it’s used in my house to this day, and is pretty ratty at this point. The cats love it. But this was an “ugly fabric” challenge quilt that I participated in at my quilt guild back in 1997. I think the challenge is to decide which of the fabrics is the ugliest.

Fast forward to 2019, and here’s one of my latest quilts, the one that made the cover of Quilting Arts this month. Krackle Funf (Krackle Five) is one of my Krackle series of quilts and I just love this piece.

What does this really say? It says work every day, every week, on your art. You can go from the world’s ugliest quilt to one that graces a magazine cover. You can do it, I believe in you!