Day 11 – Wow, that’s a lot of travel…

I knew I was busy this year. It seemed like I was not home most of the time. Then I sat down and wrote out how many places I went… WHOA. Read on for the stats!

First of all, I went to 37 different cities, with Cleveland, Orlando, Tampa, Raleigh, Atlanta, and Denver receiving more than one trip. The furthest I went was San Jose, CA. What did all of these trips add up to in miles?


That’s FIFTY THREE THOUSAND miles! More than TWICE the circumference of the Earth.

I was gone over 122 days this year.

There were 24 business trips and 13 personal ones. Mostly the personal ones were because my mother was ill during the summer and eventually the settlement of her estate.

Compared to last year I traveled SO MUCH MORE! Crazy!