Day 17- My annual reminder about REJECTIONS

Each year, I post a link to my previous blog, from 2016, about rejection.  It’s that time of year when QuiltCon rejection and acceptance notices are going out.  CLICK HERE to read that article.

I deal with rejection as a badge of honor.  It means you put yourself out there.  And it’s ok if this venue did not accept your beautiful work.  Let us see your amazing art anyway.

I have dozens of book rejections.

I have dozens of teaching venue rejections.

I have LOTS of quilt show rejections.

I could wallpaper a small bathroom with the number of rejections I have.

It doesn’t mean I should stop making or trying.   Go out there and make that work and be so good that one day they will ask YOU to be part of their show.  (That’s what happened to me.) File Dec 16, 6 55 33 PM