Day 19 – MORE UPDATES on the Facebook Scam Ads!

For Previous Info on these SCAMS read HERE and HERE.

Good news, everyone!  The Better Business Bureau has released the attached video to alert you about the Facebook Ad scams we have been talking about for weeks now! Here it is:

So this is great that the BBB is out on the hunt and alerting everyone about how this scam company works, with a nice nod to the fact that our quilts should not be so low priced!! YAY!

In additions, the Oregon Statesman Journal has an article you can READ HERE, that notifies people that the FAKE quilt business Amelia Cotton Quilt Company that is supposedly in Salem, Oregon is not a real business, and has a link to fill out a report with the BBB to report the website that scammed you.

BBBThe BBB has released this additional info on the Amelia Cotton Quilt Co. and given it an F rating!  I know I have been contacted by a few sad people who wanted to know what they could do to recover their money or their purchase because they had been taken in by this scam.  It was clear that they purchased the quilt as a gift for in honor of someone they loved, and they wanted to know what to do.  I will continue to tell you to report the Facebook Pages that perpetuate these scams.  Please report your scam loss to the Better Business Bureau.  Report it to your credit card company that you have been scammed.  I wish this had not happened to you!

For the rest of us, share this page so more people understand that the scam exists, and that not all products on Facebook are Real.