Day 2 – Stranger things… and free stuff

I had every intention of writing a different post, but my day started “off” and it’s gonna take me a while to pull myself out of it. I’m sure you know how it goes.

So while I’m trying to pull myself back together I got to thinking about my catalog that I created in the second half of this year and they have gone out with all of the orders for most of the fall.

But then I realized, what if you wanted one of my catalogs, but didn’t place any orders to have one included? Well, I’m going to give you one if you want one, FREE, if you email me your mailing address. The email to send your address to is Normally here I’d say something about how your address won’t be used for advertising, but… you are getting a free catalog. Of advertising. But I will say I won’t use it or anything else, so how about that? 🙂

Other than that, the 12 Days of Christmas sale is going on over on my shop page and today’s item is our sewing skull tape measure. When the sale quantities are gone, they are gone!

Have a great day, everyone!