Day 27 – Absence and Change

I’ve been away from the blog in the middle of my own blog challenge. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, but it happened.

On Dec 16th I flew to Orlando to pick up some very special cargo. That would be my boyfriend, and all of his belongings, and a very long and kind of rainy drive back to Chicago.

I had every intention of blogging during that time, and well…. It didn’t happen. And then, there was the move in, and all the things that happen when you merge two lives into one. Finding places to put everything in a house that’s already full. Who gets this or that side of the bathroom, the bedroom, the closet…. a life. He helped me decorate the tree and get a little of my Christmas spirit back. I’m enjoying this time immensely, and he’s a fabulous person to have all of this to do with.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying having someone to geek out with, to see Christmas lights with, and to share my adventures with. The cats immediately loved him, so he must be a keeper, right?

So… I’m sorry I have been away, but I’m back now, and I hope you all had wonderful holidays!