Day 27 – Best of 2018 Linky Party Post!

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What a roller coaster 2018 has been!  I’m part of Meadow Mist Designs Linky Party of my top 5 posts on my blog of 2018.  This was a bit of a challenge to even determine what my top posts were!  But I dug through the blog statistics and here they are!

#5. Day 9 – Evaluating my Houston Quilt Market/Festival by the Numbers

Every year for some time, I have been giving people a sneak peek into my business that gives those who are thinking about breaking into entrepreneurship in this industry some insight as to how this all works!  This year is no different, and this year’s post comes in at #5.

#4. Announcing the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop 2018!

Each year, I post up a blog hop of fellow artists and ask them to post a before and after of their studios!  This year we continued the tradition, and you can still visit the list of hoppers and go back and see their studios!

Spring Clean Your StudioBlog Hop 2018 (1)#3. The 2018 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 

Ah yes, the very thing we are in the middle of!  31 days, your blog, and a writing challenge!  It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it’s a way to get back to blogging and love your blog again.

#2. More on Facebook Quilt Scams!

One of the few important things I have posted on my blog this year. This update to the online Facebook Quilt Scam thing helped more people report these false ads to Facebook.

#1. BEWARE of What You SHARE on FACEBOOK! Quilt Images for Scam Sites.

For hits to my website all year, this post has been visited more times than the main page of my website!  Hard to believe, but when you post about a scam that affects quilting it’s not hard to see why.  It was my intent when writing this post to make sure you knew what you could do to help, and I think that made the post even more popular.

So that’s it!  The top 5 posts for the year!  WOW!  It was great to look the stats up and see for myself.  What’s interesting is that many of my posts from over the years also came up, so I’ll maybe do that as another post.